Saturday, December 18, 2010

i got a cowd

i was struck down this week with the dreaded lurgy, aka a sore throat, chesty cough and general unwellingness ... i usually try and let my own internal system fight off bugs and viruses but this time, seeing as how i'm making the long flight to the UK on the 26th December, thought i should rather play it safe and go to the quack.
many rands later and i now have a stockpile of drugs, throat sprays and what not, guaranteed to keep me in bed for a couple more days at least.

Imogen Heap
still keeps fascinating my ears - can't stop listening (and watching) her "Hide and Seek" tune, i'm a bit of a moron that way - if i find a toon a really dig, then i have it on constant repeat. Like i said, moronic. Same with some of the thingies off Massive Attacks' "Heligoland" ... oh and i don't post videos on here, or links to tracks, i'm not that clever. i might link to the artist (like i've done in this post).

There are much better sites out there that post music for your downloading and listening pleasure. One i found recently.

my laptop is such a geeky old thing, it is not at all 'Gizmodo' level ... but i need to take my electronic shit with me on the plane in December, so i can fiddle about on the 'net and do stuff. what to do? the thought of hauling out my battered Acer and plonking it on my drinks tray, while the dude next to me is working on his state of the art Mac or better makes me cringe with embarrassment ... it could be argued by some that my laptop's almost steam driven.
and then again, i'm nervous to put it in my main luggage ... so many cases are stolen by unscrupulous baggage handlers at airports after your shit has been through the Rapiscan - they think they are getting your 1million dollar Luvaglio (the world's most expensive laptop), only to cry when they see the beaten up Acer TravelMate staring at them from inbetween the unmentionables.

My heap of nuts and bolts is not technically an Acer TravelMate though - I mean i've completely obliterated it's original brain and replaced it with a far superior and faster one. Decompartmentalised the compartments, fixed all the glitches, taken out the 'empowering technology" ... so, now my old thing is quite quick off the mark ... Cunning? might be but it still looks crap. There's no elitism in owning an old laptop .. it will never become a cool to own antique. Sigh.


  1. We must get you well - flying with all that respiratory stuff is not going to be any fun. I'm thinking what you need to do with your lovely antique (at least it's an external antique) is explain that it's a laptop in the very hip steampunk style OR get a skin that makes it look like a newer model and make sure you have one of those nifty screen blockers on it so they can't see that it is only a green/amber display. ;)

  2. oh don't worry i also have 'internal' antiques but we won't go there, this is a clean show. PG
    I like the idea of trying a new skin (dress) ... must check that option out.
    No-one will know what the eff i'm doing on this machine, if they look over my shoulder ... i hardly ever do. :)

  3. Fie, woman! Are you suggesting that this is not cool?

  4. absolutely awesome contrivance ... very precious (me want) ... but rather clunky to take on Virgin Atlantic me thinks. nice try batman.