Sunday, January 30, 2011

10:15 Saturday Night * (with apologies to His Highness Robert Smith)

when are they going to bring back the three day weekend?

two days aint enough, specially when minions like myself have to wurk on saturday morning, then spend most of the rest of saturday at the Vet - sorting out kitty that was neutered the day before and ended up sucking his tongue so badly (from stress) he got an ulcer and looked like Pet Cemetery cat the next morning, complete with yellow drool hanging in strings from the side of his mouth (yuck, yuck and upchuck)
rest of saturday afternoon at doctors with grandson, who has developed the weirdest red rash all over his body (except bottom and face) ... nobody knows what it is, so he's going to the paediatrician next week. oh and saturday was the daughter's birthday.

sunday spent cleaning, trying to fix the dishwasher that decided it had had enough of our dirty pots and pans - anyhow, husband of the house managed to find the problem and sort it out, thank god for that - it is an undisputable fact that the dishwasher is the greatest invention of all time.

come sunday afternoon and i actually found some time to paint, clean out the 'puter, do some studying - yep, i'm now a 'student'.

on the studying thing.
paid for the course in full on October 15th last year - only received study material for the course on Monday last week, after i threatened the college with lawyers et al. I ended up putting a complaint on Hello and what do you know? next day, the material arrives by Fedex. Now they are emailing and sms'ing me every fifteen seconds (well it seems like it). From the sublime to the ridiculous.
i'm not doing anything fancy, (i.e. don't get all excited and think i started a degree) - it's a none-course in pattern cutting and design, something i've wanted to know more about for a long time. The college has graciously given me until 2013 to finish it (christ, i'm not THAT retarded!)

*cos it's almost 1015 on a Sunday night.

Night night

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

extreme soppy alert

you know that if i was twenty years younger, you wouldn't stand a chance hey?
you say that you are surprised that i still get surprised by the connection ... well of course i do. i can't remember what life was like before i found such a friend as you, i can't comprehend most times how fortunate i am. i am safe with you, you are like my own private refuge away from the insanity (or there with me in it). there are times when i don't think about you consciously at the front of my mind but you are always there, the essence of your personality, your voice, and what you would do in this or that situation? no excuses, no need to explain, no need to justify or elaborate, you just know
thank you again, for being my friend. here's to another year of madness.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Migration on track again... phew

Well we had our lickle migration planning meeting on Saturday night and now we have a 'war room' .. well the beginnings of one - it looks like Google Maps in there. Map of Great Brittania has been mounted on polystyrene board, box of coloured tacks at the ready (for results of job searching). We're nothing, if not thorough.
Anyhow we'll see how our plans go- got a lot to do in the next few months. Having another planning meeting on Monday night.

One of my homies popped past for a look see this afternoon (isn't he pretty!) ...

I told him to come back in 2024 - not ready to leave Earth just yet.

Friday, January 14, 2011

stay a little while on my linoleum

got out the old "Tweaker" today and am back listening to it again ... the title of this post is from the "linoleum" track - featuring the sublime vocals of David Sylvian.
i was mesmerised by this song (well, the whole damn cd) when i first heard it and it still gives me supernatural chills

"are there more like me ....?
... there's just got to be"

Have a load of mixed emotions this evening - things are not going as full-steam ahead with the UK migration plans as I was expecting and i am getting the distinct impression that the mistress of our household has got cold-feet. She suggested today that I go on ahead of them - get myself a job, find a place to stay and they will join me when they can get around to it. Rather goes against the grain of the whole concept really and pointless, as far as I am concerned. Anyway, we are supposed to be having our 'meeting' this weekend to discuss all angles and scenarios, so i'll try to keep optimistic.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tref-y-clawdd and surrounding places

I stayed in a place called Knighton (“Tref-y-clawdd” in Welsh, , which is on the Welsh/Shropshire border. ‘Black & Whites’ (see below) are EVERYWHERE in this part of the world, something I find truly wonderful. There are thousands of listed buildings here, some waiting to be fixed up, others quite brilliantly renovated to their original Tudor splendour.

Went into Hereford on one trip, then to Shrewsbury on the train (lordy, lordy a TRAIN … and I didn’t get mugged, raped or worse).

Spent the day browsing around the book shops in Hay-on-Wye – reputedly the largest second hand bookshop in the world is situated in this town (in the castle) – I didn’t get into that one though. Ended up in a pub/restaurant called The Three Tuns (here’s the website) – which has been renovated after a fire they had there in 2005. Going up the cramped, solid ancient dog-leg stairs to the loos I was dumbfounded/disturbed and thrilled by the age of the place, I could feel the ghosts of highwaymen swirling all around me, resonating through the wood as I touched the posts to go up the stairs … creepy and sublime 

Some photies ...

The Town Crier lives just up the road from my aunt's place:

They do get sun occasionally in Wales ... this taken just outside a tiny little hamlet called "Knucklas" which nestles beneath an ancient Viaduct.

Every sign in Wales is bilingual ... SA doesn't have the total monopoly on that!

A selection of "Black & Whites" in Shrewsbury and Knighton:

Another bit of Ye Olde in Shrewsbury

Snow - got lots of this :

Monday, January 10, 2011

back from the frozen (literally) north

"Make me a snowman, nanna ... she must have long hair ...."
well i had no option but to comply with the brief

er ....

yes ....

who killed cock robin?

well nobody ... little blighter wouldn't stay still ...
every time i poked my head out of the door to take a snap he fluttered off. kept spying on me from the bushes, even sent his missus out to see what i was up to.

i had a great, peaceful, restful holiday - Shropshire is beautiful any time of the year and i was staying in a lovely little housie in the Welsh town of Knighton (which is on the Shropshire/Welsh border)

happy to be home, the flight back was horrendous.