Sunday, January 30, 2011

10:15 Saturday Night * (with apologies to His Highness Robert Smith)

when are they going to bring back the three day weekend?

two days aint enough, specially when minions like myself have to wurk on saturday morning, then spend most of the rest of saturday at the Vet - sorting out kitty that was neutered the day before and ended up sucking his tongue so badly (from stress) he got an ulcer and looked like Pet Cemetery cat the next morning, complete with yellow drool hanging in strings from the side of his mouth (yuck, yuck and upchuck)
rest of saturday afternoon at doctors with grandson, who has developed the weirdest red rash all over his body (except bottom and face) ... nobody knows what it is, so he's going to the paediatrician next week. oh and saturday was the daughter's birthday.

sunday spent cleaning, trying to fix the dishwasher that decided it had had enough of our dirty pots and pans - anyhow, husband of the house managed to find the problem and sort it out, thank god for that - it is an undisputable fact that the dishwasher is the greatest invention of all time.

come sunday afternoon and i actually found some time to paint, clean out the 'puter, do some studying - yep, i'm now a 'student'.

on the studying thing.
paid for the course in full on October 15th last year - only received study material for the course on Monday last week, after i threatened the college with lawyers et al. I ended up putting a complaint on Hello and what do you know? next day, the material arrives by Fedex. Now they are emailing and sms'ing me every fifteen seconds (well it seems like it). From the sublime to the ridiculous.
i'm not doing anything fancy, (i.e. don't get all excited and think i started a degree) - it's a none-course in pattern cutting and design, something i've wanted to know more about for a long time. The college has graciously given me until 2013 to finish it (christ, i'm not THAT retarded!)

*cos it's almost 1015 on a Sunday night.

Night night

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