Monday, January 10, 2011

back from the frozen (literally) north

"Make me a snowman, nanna ... she must have long hair ...."
well i had no option but to comply with the brief

er ....

yes ....

who killed cock robin?

well nobody ... little blighter wouldn't stay still ...
every time i poked my head out of the door to take a snap he fluttered off. kept spying on me from the bushes, even sent his missus out to see what i was up to.

i had a great, peaceful, restful holiday - Shropshire is beautiful any time of the year and i was staying in a lovely little housie in the Welsh town of Knighton (which is on the Shropshire/Welsh border)

happy to be home, the flight back was horrendous.


  1. And a fantastic snowman at that! Hoping your time away was all you'd hoped and more! After you're rested perhaps you have other photos or stories that you'd like to share. Or perhaps not - you're call. ;) And let me know how to avoid said 'horrendous' flight.

  2. hey happy new queers! ... i will start posting some little thingies over the weekend, catching up with work is taking up all my time :(

  3. Forget arrow. You need a squash racket if you're seriously intent on killing cock robin.