Friday, January 14, 2011

stay a little while on my linoleum

got out the old "Tweaker" today and am back listening to it again ... the title of this post is from the "linoleum" track - featuring the sublime vocals of David Sylvian.
i was mesmerised by this song (well, the whole damn cd) when i first heard it and it still gives me supernatural chills

"are there more like me ....?
... there's just got to be"

Have a load of mixed emotions this evening - things are not going as full-steam ahead with the UK migration plans as I was expecting and i am getting the distinct impression that the mistress of our household has got cold-feet. She suggested today that I go on ahead of them - get myself a job, find a place to stay and they will join me when they can get around to it. Rather goes against the grain of the whole concept really and pointless, as far as I am concerned. Anyway, we are supposed to be having our 'meeting' this weekend to discuss all angles and scenarios, so i'll try to keep optimistic.

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