Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tref-y-clawdd and surrounding places

I stayed in a place called Knighton (“Tref-y-clawdd” in Welsh, , which is on the Welsh/Shropshire border. ‘Black & Whites’ (see below) are EVERYWHERE in this part of the world, something I find truly wonderful. There are thousands of listed buildings here, some waiting to be fixed up, others quite brilliantly renovated to their original Tudor splendour.

Went into Hereford on one trip, then to Shrewsbury on the train (lordy, lordy a TRAIN … and I didn’t get mugged, raped or worse).

Spent the day browsing around the book shops in Hay-on-Wye – reputedly the largest second hand bookshop in the world is situated in this town (in the castle) – I didn’t get into that one though. Ended up in a pub/restaurant called The Three Tuns (here’s the website) – which has been renovated after a fire they had there in 2005. Going up the cramped, solid ancient dog-leg stairs to the loos I was dumbfounded/disturbed and thrilled by the age of the place, I could feel the ghosts of highwaymen swirling all around me, resonating through the wood as I touched the posts to go up the stairs … creepy and sublime 

Some photies ...

The Town Crier lives just up the road from my aunt's place:

They do get sun occasionally in Wales ... this taken just outside a tiny little hamlet called "Knucklas" which nestles beneath an ancient Viaduct.

Every sign in Wales is bilingual ... SA doesn't have the total monopoly on that!

A selection of "Black & Whites" in Shrewsbury and Knighton:

Another bit of Ye Olde in Shrewsbury

Snow - got lots of this :

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