Friday, February 25, 2011

effing clients who don't have lives

as some frequent visitors to this cyberhole might know, i work from home. we have a very small, compact office that is accessible through our dining room from the main house (our private entrance).

when we close up shop for the night, the interleading door is closed, all outside office doors are locked, lights switched off, 'puters put to sleep etc. etc. we work long hours, we work on saturdays, as well as occasional evenings going to see clients who can't be arsed to take off a couple of hours to make an appointment during business hours (even though the decision they make after consulting with us, will affect their lives and the futures of their children's children).

unfortunately, people (i.e. joe soap the general public) don't seem to recognise that we are entitled to some time off. they seem to believe that we are at their beck and call 24 hours a day.

cut to this evening ... i'm lying in bed suffering from cold, sore throat, runny nose etc. etc. and the lady of the house has the same ailments. All we want at the moment, is some peace, to recover, recharge our batteries and have a fucking break goddamit.

but no .... phone rings at 4.30pm (we close at 4pm on Fridays and our business phone is in the office, not in the main part of the house), again at 5.15 and 7.10pm ... so we decide to answer, in case it is an emergency.
the tosser has phoned all these times just to talk about a form he is filling in and that he's booked his English test (for the third time because he's too full of himself to shut the fuck up, pay attention and do the test properly - so he keeps failing). "is this an inconvenient time?" he asks sweetly. we have to bite back the expletives .... what a turd.

had to get that off my chest.

other than that, i'm fine.
cough, hack, wheeze, sniff, choke, sweat

i need a night nurse.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

still a creep

thanks very much thom yorke, you bugger ... now i have to bend the credit card again, after i so promised myself i wouldn't use it for at least three months ... jeez
Lotus Flower and the attendant quirky video (featuring an elastic limbed Thom, jittering about like a monkey on acid) is such a brilliant toon, can't hear it enough.
Oh well i guess 6 quid isn't so bad for a digital downloadfest ...

in other news, i finished another painting (seem to be on a roll), am also getting more confident and managing to restrain the urge to overwork my pieces. That said, there is a large canvas in my bathroom that i started two years ago and am so tempted to fiddle about with (cos i think it's boring). EVERYONE (i.e assorted members of family, children and little animals) tell me to leave it alone, i'll fuck it up if i start working on it again .. but i have such a strong urge to add shit to it and change lines, add depth, texture ... hmmm.

Monday, February 14, 2011

greatest show on earth

110,000 people can't be wrong.
Completely, absolutely mindblowing.
Oh YES, i had a good time!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

link off

i keep getting all these bloody linkedin requests to join so-and-so's 'professional network' - click here to accept the invitation.

what is it with people?

i've had a cyber presence on the intertubes (thanks Kyk, i seriously dig that term) since about 2002 It might have been earlier, can't exactly remember when i first Googled stuff - and nobody knew then, what Google was ... (so i was considered something of a boffin back then). I have so many net accounts, i need my own personal library system just to store all the usernames/ passwords etc. i DON'T ... repeat DON'T need anymore memberships or invites to labyrinthine forums. I have enough 'net friends, thanks very much. So i DECLINE your invitations.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

360 degrees

Going to the U2 thingie on Sunday - can't wait. Radio are, of course, doing their collective marketing thing - i.e. attaching everything U2 to all their stupid competitions and win-a-ticket-athons ... grrrrr ....

Even though i don't think much to John Legend and believe he's completely over-hyped, i do believe that his cover of the below Bono classic, is possibly the best i've ever heard.

Friday, February 4, 2011

as the stomach turns ...

i suppose the real issues at the moment in my life revolve mostly around my youngest daughter and her sudden urge to get engaged. the main reason behind this is that her other brothers have all just done the same thing, so by extension she is feeling left out and also wants a pwitty ring on her finger.

if i break the situation down into byte sized chunks, maybe it will make it easier to swallow / make sense:

1. my daughter is schizophrenic, is on serious medication and has been for over four years (can't remember exactly when she had the first psychotic episode). Despite this illness, she is coping really well and holding down a good job. She socialises well and to all intents and purposes functions perfectly fine.

2. until she has a relapse. which she did last year on a trip to Hermanus with her intended fiance.

3. she has had some absolutely awesome boyfriends in the past - some of them were really good to her and gorgeous men in their own right.

4. the fiance to be - well what can i say that's good about him? nothing.

he has no personality - zilch, nada, nix

looks at everyone with a sly sideways cringing glance

creeps about the place like one of the living dead, is stick thin and not
particularly attractive

has systematically lied to all of us (including my daughter) for
over two years about his so-called 'jobs' ... he has not been
in a genuine lasting job for most of this time (if not longer)

was supposed to be doing a computer course for the better part of 2008 and
2009 (A+). He wrote the tests four times - each time his mother paid
for him to rewrite (and this wasn't cheap). He still has not passed
the course. He doesn't have matric.

he relies on his father (who lives in Witbank) and his mother (who
lives the life of the rich and famous in Hermanus) to bail him out
every couple of weeks with money. they are constantly throwing cash
at him. His mother even bought him his own flat (which is the only
thing that he's got in his favour at the moment) I've met his
mother and stepfather (when they came up to Gauteng to look for a
flat to buy him) ... they are super wealthy people and major
socialites. They have personal homes all over the world and cash
is not a problem but they don't seem to have done much to make sure
that their adopted son gets a good education and make sure he can
provide for himself in the future.

yes, he is an adopted son. we do not know who his biological parents are.

he suffers from epilepsy - not such a problem, many successful people have it
(Jonty Rhodes, for example)- but in his case, it's not a positive

absolutely everyone who comes into contact with him, can not understand
what my daughter is doing with him - he's a social misfit and reject
my sons want to punch his face in every time they see him.

my daughter knows exactly how i feel about him (per above) - we've told her these things over and over and every now and then she agrees with us and leaves him, to go and stay with one of her brothers. But he doesn't leave her alone, cries and wails when she leaves him, smashes his head against the wall and threatens to kill himself, so she goes back to him.

i do not see any happy future for her with this chap at all - all i see is years of misery, debt and mental problems. he is no good for her emotionally, spiritually or physically - by her own admission, he has erectile dysfunction and she has to force him to have sex with her, he never initiates the process and for a chap his age (he's over 27) this is not natural.

I could go on, there's tons more but this lot is enough to be getting on with.

What am i to do?

I can not find it in myself to rustle up any enthusiasm whatsoever for this intended union - it just makes me feel sick to my stomach. I've been ill, in fact, most of this week with dread thinking about the upcoming meeting that the intended fiance keeps hinting will happen - i.e. the one where he is going to ask if he can marry my daughter.

Nobody will want to attend the wedding (from her side of the family) and if they do, it will not be for his benefit and when the time comes for the priest to ask if anyone of the congregation gathered here today has any reason why these two shouldn't be joined in holy matrimony' ... my entire family will stand up and shout out in unison that


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

so i was wondering, should i sign up on a dating website?

are my outrageously detailed fantasy dreams, featuring intense sexual liaisons with Jet Li, enough of a reason?

i don't know why i would want to really ... other than that i am starting to feel like this is something i should have tried really hard at making a success out of a few years ago and didn't.

the problem is, men can't really survive without sex.
and i have a very Shirley Valentine approach to all that - i.e. it's a lot of pushing and shoving and you end up with very little in return.

Also, i've got hang ups. (as we all have)
yet, the thought of stripping down to my undies for a strange bloke (i.e. someone who hasn't fathered my grown up children), gives me the willies.

talked myself out of that very nicely hey?