Friday, February 25, 2011

effing clients who don't have lives

as some frequent visitors to this cyberhole might know, i work from home. we have a very small, compact office that is accessible through our dining room from the main house (our private entrance).

when we close up shop for the night, the interleading door is closed, all outside office doors are locked, lights switched off, 'puters put to sleep etc. etc. we work long hours, we work on saturdays, as well as occasional evenings going to see clients who can't be arsed to take off a couple of hours to make an appointment during business hours (even though the decision they make after consulting with us, will affect their lives and the futures of their children's children).

unfortunately, people (i.e. joe soap the general public) don't seem to recognise that we are entitled to some time off. they seem to believe that we are at their beck and call 24 hours a day.

cut to this evening ... i'm lying in bed suffering from cold, sore throat, runny nose etc. etc. and the lady of the house has the same ailments. All we want at the moment, is some peace, to recover, recharge our batteries and have a fucking break goddamit.

but no .... phone rings at 4.30pm (we close at 4pm on Fridays and our business phone is in the office, not in the main part of the house), again at 5.15 and 7.10pm ... so we decide to answer, in case it is an emergency.
the tosser has phoned all these times just to talk about a form he is filling in and that he's booked his English test (for the third time because he's too full of himself to shut the fuck up, pay attention and do the test properly - so he keeps failing). "is this an inconvenient time?" he asks sweetly. we have to bite back the expletives .... what a turd.

had to get that off my chest.

other than that, i'm fine.
cough, hack, wheeze, sniff, choke, sweat

i need a night nurse.


  1. I totally understand. I work from home too, and at quitting time, the ringer gets shut off. But it's a Blackberry, and sometimes I see it light up, and once I've seen it light up I can't forget I saw it light up...

  2. According to some people, the world revolves around them and how DARE you imply otherwise? I mean, sick or not - you're just being rude, HA. Sad part is, no matter what you'd say or how nicely you'd say it, they still just simply wouldn't get it. Feel better! xoxo