Wednesday, February 2, 2011

so i was wondering, should i sign up on a dating website?

are my outrageously detailed fantasy dreams, featuring intense sexual liaisons with Jet Li, enough of a reason?

i don't know why i would want to really ... other than that i am starting to feel like this is something i should have tried really hard at making a success out of a few years ago and didn't.

the problem is, men can't really survive without sex.
and i have a very Shirley Valentine approach to all that - i.e. it's a lot of pushing and shoving and you end up with very little in return.

Also, i've got hang ups. (as we all have)
yet, the thought of stripping down to my undies for a strange bloke (i.e. someone who hasn't fathered my grown up children), gives me the willies.

talked myself out of that very nicely hey?


  1. Wait - isn't the point of it all for this theoretical suitor to give you the willies (or one, at the very least)?

  2. hur hur ... fell into that one didn't i?