Sunday, February 20, 2011

still a creep

thanks very much thom yorke, you bugger ... now i have to bend the credit card again, after i so promised myself i wouldn't use it for at least three months ... jeez
Lotus Flower and the attendant quirky video (featuring an elastic limbed Thom, jittering about like a monkey on acid) is such a brilliant toon, can't hear it enough.
Oh well i guess 6 quid isn't so bad for a digital downloadfest ...

in other news, i finished another painting (seem to be on a roll), am also getting more confident and managing to restrain the urge to overwork my pieces. That said, there is a large canvas in my bathroom that i started two years ago and am so tempted to fiddle about with (cos i think it's boring). EVERYONE (i.e assorted members of family, children and little animals) tell me to leave it alone, i'll fuck it up if i start working on it again .. but i have such a strong urge to add shit to it and change lines, add depth, texture ... hmmm.

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