Friday, March 18, 2011

layout change and family stuff ... yawn.

decided to revert back to black, got a bit sick of the green grass, dandelion seeds fluffing about in the breeze and general, hop-skippity-bump of the last template. I'm too lazy, as well, to compose a design on my own to put up here.

meeting with my 'web developer' tomorrow for lunch, so hope i can get all the stuff sorted out for the new site, or at least start working on the basic framework/architecture.

the light of my life is a bit sicky poo at the moment - literally. he stands and projectile vomits wherever he wants to (has some kind of post-nasal drip that sits there waiting to be upchucked come light of day ... luverly) ... we kept him at home today, which i find is something quite wonderful and a special treat - bugger work - i would rather spend all day playing with him than working anytime. he's two in July, can't believe how the time has whizzed past. His sister is 6 in May, that's even scarier (and so is she). what is it with 5 1/2 year olds? once they start school, it's over - you can forget having any influence at all in their lives. we actually don't know zilch. at least today, she came home in a good frame of mind and actually said hello to everyone, like she meant it. makes a change. god knows what she will be like when she's 16. Mercifully i probably won't be alive then.

i had a few things to say tonight but have ended up diarising. never mind.
my second daughter is going to get engaged soon - the ring is almost ready (she was given a stone by a friend of her husband-to-be and has had it set in her own design). Of course, the husband-to-be hasn't actually asked for permission to marry her yet ... that's looming on the horizon. i hope to be out of the country on holiday somewhere exotic when that happens, so i can't be held responsible. I guess i have to just face up to the fact that she IS going to marry this jerk, no matter what any of her brothers/sisters/parents/friends/cousins/uncles/aunts and grand-parents think. Oi vey.

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