Tuesday, March 1, 2011

like shoowee man - the drugs do work

yes so i decided to try and be valiant and get out of bed this morning, doll my self up a bit (i.e. put on some plaster of paris and lipstick in a vain half-hearted attempt at the old euphemism 'powdering my nose') and go downstairs to do some wurk.

oh joy

i ended up doing a bit of co-consulting with my daughter for a client who arrived just as i made my grand entrance from upstairs ... during the course of the appointment, i alternated between sweating hog syndrome, dizzy gillespie wobblies, shaking stevens and dribbling idiot stream of consciousness blathering ... he didn't seem to notice most of the time (unless he was just being polite).

I got antibiotics for this cough thing (only one day for three days mind you) and these things are seriously gude drugs. I've been tripping most of today. Also got some pretty nice pain tablets and anti-allergy pillickies (maybe it's a combination of all of the drugs together).

anyway, i'm trying to come back down to earth (although why, i have no idea)

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