Monday, March 21, 2011

what's in a (domain) name?

Geez, there was i thinking this little exercise would be a piece of piss/cake ... should be finished in a couple of hours. ha!

try two full days trawling the web, random name search engines, dictionaries, thesauruses (is there such a word? who cares), phrase books, Histories of the Norse language, Yorkshire dialect lists, Medieval archives and Latin to English translators .... did you know that SONY got it's name from Sonus? No, i bet you didn't ... cough. Anyway, i digress. Can't find a bloody suitable name YET for my new website - the name has to come first you see (hah, there's a pun if ever there was one).

i might have a competition - to see if one of my illustrious reader/s can come up with a suitable name that i can buy as BOTH a dotcom and a dotcoza (cos i'm a greedy sonofabitch) ... prize will be a weekend away*#

I have found many names for websites, some quite good and to the point (classy and elegant, not sleazy). But it's like trying to find a pudding in a palace, cos of all the domain-name pirates there are out there ... you find a perfect name, do a search and it's taken but you can have it for $4999 ... yawn. I've gotten really tired of this exercise today. I found a great website called Bustaname and thought my problems were solved ... it's a really execellent website ... if you are looking for obscure computer generated really crap domain names that nobody on earth would actually want to buy ... argh.

*who knows where
# or not

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