Sunday, March 6, 2011

you got some nerve

i'm not going to wax lyrical about Radiohead and this new thing, it's just exquisite. a masterpiece of aural architecture. best thing i've heard in a very long time - such a relief to have my brain waves thrilled again and played with by this stunning music. thank you again Thom and the team.

my daughter and I were out shopping today at Eastgate and the phone rings (our security gate personnel fone us whenever we have visitors, cos we live in a moated garrisoned fortified castle ... well might as well be) ...
Yeah, well some fucktard client had decided to come past to drop off his documents. 11am on a Sunday morning. Jesus H Fried Chicken. I could spit.

I was supposed to do so much today but ended up fiddling around with electronics and getting my fone sorted out. And i bought new headphones. If there is one piece of advice that i'd like to be remembered for it is this - when it comes to listening to music, make sure to treat yourself to a pair of REALLY GOOD headphones at least once a year and really good doesn't translate to rip off Skullcandys.

the famdamily are going away in April - camping for over 10 days, i know i will miss them the minute they pull out the drive but i am so looking forward to some peace and quiet - being able to bring all the paint downstairs, fiddle about with new canvasses (i've got a lot of blank ones stacked up in my storage room downstairs) - many ideas, lots of things bursting to come out, so i am really excited about having this time to myself. I will be able to play my music loud, jump on the couches, get drunk, watch porn, sleep late ... usual shit.

"While the cat is away, do what we want ...."

Did I forget? Thanks Thom.

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