Thursday, April 21, 2011

life in the fast lane

My youngest daughter has broken up with her sod of a boyfriend - after almost three years, she's eventually seen the light. Thank Dog.
Of course, this entailed her moving in to my lickle bedroom- along with one psychopathic furry creature (aka Main Coone Kitten/Cat). so things were a bit cramped (still are) but we managed to find her a bachelor pad down the road yesterday and she's moving in there at the beginning of May. It will be the first time that she's actually got a place all to herself. Exciting times for her. Will be a big financial load of my back as well, these past couple of days have cost me a fortune.

So ... I have the house to myself for the next few days ... whoopie dah.
All the famdamily are away at the coast (Kwazulu-Natal) camping ... i miss little man so much already.

Our plans to go to the UK are moving along very slowly ... well let's rephrase that. They have stopped.
Even though my eldest daughter (the lady of the house) keeps trying to re-assure me that plans are on track, i can't see it.
We've managed to paint the outside of the house and with a bit of luck and management might be able to get an estate agent in to value the place before the end of May. The entire project relies on us selling the house and getting a reasonable profit out of the deal. If that doesn't happen, then this whole UK thing will not happen. My original projection of being there in June was complete pie-in-the-sky ... ho hum

I'm supposed to be working on the web development for my own business this weekend with my eldest son ... so maybe something good happens there. FNB emailed me about opening up a bank account online (cos i just can't get to see anyone in the branch to actually give papers to) ... by the time i eventually get this thing off the ground, i will have spent all my start up capital.

Have a groovy long weekend

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

RIP SRV October 3, 1954 – August 27, 1990

Hey, hope everyone has a good Easter holiday break.

Speaking of religious icons ...

been trying to find my CD of 'Couldn't stand the weather' but it seems to have disappeared, along with a whole load of other cds i collected back in the day. Thank dog for UBoob ... my fave track off that album was the studio version of this one ....

To think Stevie was taken off this world over twenty years ago ... that's insane!

Friday, April 8, 2011

i could tell you about my life ...

i do so love rummaging about in YouTube trying to find stuff i was in love with as a girl. I had good taste back then.

In December 1968 when i migrated to South Africa with my parents, i boarded the plane with a box containing over 70 black vinyl seven-singles (the old 45's), on the top was "Albatross", which had just been released. It was a treasure of mine for a very long time. But THIS song is my all time favourite Peter Green toon:

Pure, clean, elegant, genius.

got new precious sssss....

trying out my new Dell Vostro 3700 ... lovely machine, very happy with it so far.
ended up buying it from Inedible Corruption ... they were the only outfit in my area who actually had stock. so ended up paying premium price for it but i don't care.

playing nicely.
chat later.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Retail Stress

some things can become so tedious and boring - like trying to organise a new laptop, for instance. a specific company was recommended to me, i enquired about machine, they had that i wanted at the right price, right specs etc.

I then had to go through the performance of opening a 7 day account - why? i was paying cash in advance, up front, for the machine, so this was annoying but i went through the whole account application process, was approved and then the order was officially acknowledged.

Next I found out that they wouldn't accept my credit card, i had to do an EFT. That wouldn't have been a problem at the beginning of March but after laying out funds to register my new company etc. etc. i was just a few hundred short on the cash front, so wanted to pay by credit card. Another hassle to overcome. Anyway, got that sorted out - i paid my daughter by credit card and she agreed to transfer the funds from her company account to the place i was buying the laptop from. All done and dusted. Sit back and wait for delivery of my new machine.
Think again

Next thing, i get an email (not a phone call) saying that they didn't have stock of the machine i'd ordered, would i take this one instead? and there were the details for another machine (lower specs and not what i wanted at all). I said, er no ...
then i was presented with another machine a day later in email (again no phone call) and this one looked okay. it was RED, so obviously goes faster. (hur hur)
I agreed on the substitute machine and sat back waiting for delivery of the new choice.
Think again
Then i get told, the next day (again in email) that there's no stock of THAT one either but I can have a PIENK one. I tell salesman that i will whack him over the head if he tries to deliver a PINK laptop to me.

By now, i'm starting to smell all sorts of rats.
I request my money back

Then get told to hold on, the supplier is getting more stock on Monday and i will be presented with more options to choose from. I tell the chap that i am not interested in Acer or HP, so don't even bother to send me specs on those machines.
Tuesday comes ... late in afternoon, i start getting emails with one machine per email - first off ... you guessed it - Acer.

I email back, rather snottily, and tell sales chap that he wasn't listening to me and i am not interested in Acer. He replies that he knows that but wants to send me specs of ALL machines they have available.

Then sends me emails with ... HP machines.
Can't people READ anymore?

I again ask for my money refunded.
Then he sends me another email with details of an even lower spec machine, nothing like what i originally ordered.

Last night, i sent an email threatening to take them to a lawyer if they didn't refund the money like NOW.

I get more emails today, with more machines i'm not interested in and eventually a promise email from the salesman telling me that they will refund the money i've paid to them already and he's sorry that the supplier let him down and i was messed about.

I'm still waiting for my refund.
I guess this saga will continue.
Ho Hum

Mercurial pics.

(MErcury, Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry and Ranging

Monday, April 4, 2011


I only have to hear the first few tinkling windchimes and i'm back in that hopeless, crazy, lonely savage place i was in with you. Saturdays and Sundays spent talking online with you all day. Driving to work on Monday morning, knowing you were waiting, lying awake, for me to get to work so you could continue the conversation until you passed out from too much Belvedere. Times i won't ever forget or want to. Thank you for showing me another side of life from all the way over there in Seattle. A life i can never have
.... and leaving me with so many exquisite sounds to feed off, like this one from Iceland's M'um ....

Sunday, April 3, 2011


why is it still impossible to get into a bank on a saturday morning at the end of the month? why is it even necessary to have to go into a bank to open an account in this day and age?

i got the online account opened on Friday evening, oh big whop.
however ... one can't actually do anything with an online facility because there's no actual bank account attached to it, is there? stupid bloody waste of time and energy that was.

so i will have to take time off this coming week to go in to the bank when you can actually get near a consultant and try my best to get a bloody bank account opened, geez.

don't want to get my hopes up but with a bit of it, my computer supplier might have the right notebook for me tomorrow ...

found out, whilst surfing through one of my fave websites this evening, that I have RLS (restless leg syndrome) and the cure for it is a bit of onanism. whodathunkit?

Decided to start posting one or two songs each time of toons i completely dig, and always will 100% for all time. Starting with this one by the genius that is BECK:

Follow this link to a little thing i wrote that was inspired by this Beck song back in May 2005 on my original Story-Crossing site. Keep wondering whether it would be a worthwhile exercise resurrecting that concept?

Anyhow, i'm tired ... leaving you with a track by one of my fave bands of the past ten years ... and hardly anybody really gives a damn about them. Warning: Shock Horror! NO annoying moving pictures ... you can just listen, like we used to do when radio was half-decent and played stuff that people wanted to pay money for.