Thursday, April 21, 2011

life in the fast lane

My youngest daughter has broken up with her sod of a boyfriend - after almost three years, she's eventually seen the light. Thank Dog.
Of course, this entailed her moving in to my lickle bedroom- along with one psychopathic furry creature (aka Main Coone Kitten/Cat). so things were a bit cramped (still are) but we managed to find her a bachelor pad down the road yesterday and she's moving in there at the beginning of May. It will be the first time that she's actually got a place all to herself. Exciting times for her. Will be a big financial load of my back as well, these past couple of days have cost me a fortune.

So ... I have the house to myself for the next few days ... whoopie dah.
All the famdamily are away at the coast (Kwazulu-Natal) camping ... i miss little man so much already.

Our plans to go to the UK are moving along very slowly ... well let's rephrase that. They have stopped.
Even though my eldest daughter (the lady of the house) keeps trying to re-assure me that plans are on track, i can't see it.
We've managed to paint the outside of the house and with a bit of luck and management might be able to get an estate agent in to value the place before the end of May. The entire project relies on us selling the house and getting a reasonable profit out of the deal. If that doesn't happen, then this whole UK thing will not happen. My original projection of being there in June was complete pie-in-the-sky ... ho hum

I'm supposed to be working on the web development for my own business this weekend with my eldest son ... so maybe something good happens there. FNB emailed me about opening up a bank account online (cos i just can't get to see anyone in the branch to actually give papers to) ... by the time i eventually get this thing off the ground, i will have spent all my start up capital.

Have a groovy long weekend

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  1. You've always got some kind of obstacle thrown in your way, don't you? Good thing you aren't the sort to take 'no' for an answer. ;)