Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Retail Stress

some things can become so tedious and boring - like trying to organise a new laptop, for instance. a specific company was recommended to me, i enquired about machine, they had that i wanted at the right price, right specs etc.

I then had to go through the performance of opening a 7 day account - why? i was paying cash in advance, up front, for the machine, so this was annoying but i went through the whole account application process, was approved and then the order was officially acknowledged.

Next I found out that they wouldn't accept my credit card, i had to do an EFT. That wouldn't have been a problem at the beginning of March but after laying out funds to register my new company etc. etc. i was just a few hundred short on the cash front, so wanted to pay by credit card. Another hassle to overcome. Anyway, got that sorted out - i paid my daughter by credit card and she agreed to transfer the funds from her company account to the place i was buying the laptop from. All done and dusted. Sit back and wait for delivery of my new machine.
Think again

Next thing, i get an email (not a phone call) saying that they didn't have stock of the machine i'd ordered, would i take this one instead? and there were the details for another machine (lower specs and not what i wanted at all). I said, er no ...
then i was presented with another machine a day later in email (again no phone call) and this one looked okay. it was RED, so obviously goes faster. (hur hur)
I agreed on the substitute machine and sat back waiting for delivery of the new choice.
Think again
Then i get told, the next day (again in email) that there's no stock of THAT one either but I can have a PIENK one. I tell salesman that i will whack him over the head if he tries to deliver a PINK laptop to me.

By now, i'm starting to smell all sorts of rats.
I request my money back

Then get told to hold on, the supplier is getting more stock on Monday and i will be presented with more options to choose from. I tell the chap that i am not interested in Acer or HP, so don't even bother to send me specs on those machines.
Tuesday comes ... late in afternoon, i start getting emails with one machine per email - first off ... you guessed it - Acer.

I email back, rather snottily, and tell sales chap that he wasn't listening to me and i am not interested in Acer. He replies that he knows that but wants to send me specs of ALL machines they have available.

Then sends me emails with ... HP machines.
Can't people READ anymore?

I again ask for my money refunded.
Then he sends me another email with details of an even lower spec machine, nothing like what i originally ordered.

Last night, i sent an email threatening to take them to a lawyer if they didn't refund the money like NOW.

I get more emails today, with more machines i'm not interested in and eventually a promise email from the salesman telling me that they will refund the money i've paid to them already and he's sorry that the supplier let him down and i was messed about.

I'm still waiting for my refund.
I guess this saga will continue.
Ho Hum

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