Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Howdy doodie and 'ey up ...

Where to start?
Well let’s begin with a checklist of stuff that i’ve managed to sort out for my new Adult Toy website, which will be launching (going Live) in July (Dog willing).

 Organised domain name registration and hosting/email/website etc.
 Organised purchase of company and registration – just waiting for updated CK docs
 Organised back-end database and nitty gritty technical stuff and am currently working night and day to get that all 100% fine, so my developers can sign it off.
 Organised my other developer to finish (almost) the overall look of my website, colour scheme and LOGO (yay got that today)
 Organised payment gateway – registration, integration set-up information for the main developer
 Sourced some quite excellent suppliers – ordered maningi Rands (and US Dollars) worth of stuff ... hey! Keep out of my cupboard, you!
 Started working on product descriptions but this still needs a lot more razzmatazz and vavoomffff ...
 Organised ideas for marketing campaign for launch party
 Started working on Internet marketing campaign - sheesh
 Presently sorting out gorgeous packaging = even though goods/products will be delivered in anonymous/discreet packaging per courier or post, the initial boxes that things are wrapped in has got to be stupendously wonderful. No expense spared on that score!
 Getting quotes now for stickers, magnetic decal for my car, business cards, pamphlets and leaflets

 Coming up with new ideas for the blog, which is an integral part of the website .... now this is where YOU come in ...

I’m thinking of offering a small fee for erotic short stories or really funny articles with a sexy angle – no more than 500 words a shot. South African contributors will be paid R500 per published piece per EFT or credit card; overseas contributors would be paid the equivalent in offshore currency per Paypal.

I will credit the author- so i would need your name or alias, city/country of domicile and if you want the item linked, then your personal URL/blog address - for publishing purposes
Copyright will remain yours.

I am working out the basic editorial guidelines because I have to be very picky and choosy about what i put up there on the blog! The guidelines are looking like this:

1. All pieces are written with the express understanding that the piece is published on an Adults Only website (i.e. content is for over 18's only)- you will have to sign a disclaimer.
2. No foul or obscene language to be used in the pieces - just good writing ladies and gents. There are many acceptable terms you can use for the sex act, you don't have to use the F word or others like it. Don't test me on this - i will be very careful what is published on the blog.
3. You can write on any topic that has a sexual, erotic nature - so long as it doesn't feature bestiality, children ... the usual no-nos.
4. I will have ultimate editorial control - if i want to use your piece but feel it needs editing, I will discuss with you and if you agree to the changes, then voila we are all happy.
5. I will only pay for the article within 14 days of it being published live on the Blog. So, for example, if you submit work to me and I accept it, you will only get paid once it has been published.
6. I have control over when your article/piece is published, if something comes along after i have accepted your piece that is better, more topical or livelier, then it will get preference over yours.

The above guidelines are normal practice and what I had to work to when i did freelance writing for the Star newspaper in Johannesburg.

I will initially only feature one story and article per month, thereafter if things get going it could increase to a weekly thing.

Please let me know if anyone would be interested in participating.
I'd really like to have something special on the Blog when we go live in July.