Saturday, July 30, 2011

dum de dum

i note, with some gloom, that a certain person has not been able to comment on my blog ... i actually have no farking clue why that should happen. If you are on WordPress that might be an issue, damned if I know. Hope it doesn't persist. Comments are enabled, always have been.

Been very lazy and not posting to the blog for a l-o-o-ong time. Lots of stuff got in the way, life is what you call it. The website that i am starting (cough) is coming along, not anywhere near as quickly as I had initially thought. Had quite a few technical issues, that still seem to be lurking. We are now going to be using Linux, so i guess i have to get that old penguin t-shirt out after all. I have had a lot of problems sorting out a payment portal that is compatible with the site design, hopefully we have now sorted it out because it's becoming right tedious. Monday everything gets exported to Linux and then the big test. Hold thumbs. you'd think i was launching Sony or something.

You'll see that i deleted the NASA thingie about the evolution of space ships ... quite stupid putting there in the first place. I have also fiddled about a bit with the site tonight - probably fucked it up left right and centre. Par for the course.

My personal life doesn't happen at all. I have spent no time doing anything for me personally for maybe six months or more - packed up all my painting stuff, books, beads ... Life revolves around work, 'puters, stress, children, work, tv, sleeping (not much) and trying to cram forty-eight hours into 24 on a daily basis. Our house is on the market, not having much joy with the Estate agency though, and we signed a sole mandate (which i wasn't keen on but what can you do, i'm not in charge) ... anyhow they are threatening to do a 'show house' in a couple of weeks time - not going to lose any sleep over that and not expecting much to come of it. I don't believe anyone ever sells a house via show days. You just get a bunch of nosy neighbours dropping by to go through your stuff and see if your house is better than theirs, then snigger at the price you want for it.

Been trying to learn SEO - i'm so stupid though, can't retain information for longer than it takes to read it. Maybe i should rather do a memory skills course. whatever.

i wish we could get the house sold. we are kinda hedging our lives on it happening and soon ... otherwise, i can't see where we are going to be heading. We all feel pretty directionless at the moment. My other daughter has moved back in with us, to save money - i managed to get her British passport organised for her and will be doing her twin brothers' this month. So that's one thing i've accomplished i guess.

Work just drones on and on and drains the life blood out of us. We are all so heartily sick of immigration and all the whining, baby-stupid clients we have to deal with on a daily basis. It will be such a relief to get the house sold and be able to shut down the immigration business for good. we are so trapped in it. Stuck in sinking sand.

I took Ewan to his first 'invited' birthday party today - a little girl in his nursery school also turned two this month (his birthday party was last weekend). The little girl had a Hello Kitty party - the mother had organised party planners to do the whole thing - little tables set out with covered chairs, balloons tied to each chair, perfect little Hello Kitty table settings and party buckets for each child. A jumping castle, snacks etc. etc. ... all done for her by the party planners, including a beautiful two tiered Hello Kitty cake ... and the mom kept wandering around saying how stressed she was organising the party. Huh? All she did was PAY people to throw the party for her! Makes me want to weep when i see how useless some people are.

My daughter and I had to make a Disney Castle cake on Friday afternoon for Faye's School Winter Carnival. It was a competition. Needless to say that there was much fighting in the kitchen, yelling and screaming, a few tears. Grumpy looks. But eventually we managed to make a Castle Cake that wasn't too bad - although a bit drunk looking (leaning tower of Pisa kinda thing) ... oh well, Faye thought it was wonderful. We didn't win the competition (it was all age-appropriate groups) but at least we tried and many people were very impressed with it, as they passed us walking up the road from the car park to the school.

Oh yes, SEATTLE ended up back in the picture this week ... nothing to do with me. Seems 'LinkedIn' have a feeling that he is a persona that I 'may like to know' ... so they sent me his details. God knows why. I don't.

Nothing much else to report. Life blubbers along.

I need something REALLY GOOD to listen to - any ideas?