Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sorry to crow about the Foxy Lady

I am obviously 'tweaking' stuff continuously on my new website, so i suppose you could say the Vixen is still wet behind the ears, although i'm not sure about that turn of phrase.

I still have a load of things to learn and fix - there are some issues with the coding on the website, I know. The top bits (where it says R currency bla bla) will be fixed soon, I promise The hosting company who migrated my old site ( to Little Vixen's home on the www, didn't do such a great job and left bits dangling in cyberspace. We are running around trying to find them, as we speak. One stuff up at a time, I guess.

Little Vixen gets more personality
I opened up a Blog for her tonight ... it's over here I think it will be fun to try and develop her character and this is also where i would like to post the odd interesting story with a sexual/erotic bent (so to speak) ... I don't intend that the Blog will just be another place to put photos and duplicate what's on my website but i have to start somewhere and I have lots of pwitty pictures!!
If you are still reading this crap and would like to come up with a naughty story, or any point of interest that could be debated on Little Vixen's Blog, please let me know.

Balancing Karma
Of course, now i have to devote an entire website to selling God things .... har har ... cough.
Anyhoo on the subject of holiness, can you believe this ... we were driving back from Braamfontein on the M1 (the busiest highway in Johannesburg) this afternoon and we overtake this tow truck. Blazoned on the side was
"CHRISTIAN" ... the T being a huge Cross .... "We tow for Jesus" underneath the word Christian. That surely takes the cake, hey? :) I was a bit flabbergasted but couldn't stop laughing. It brightened up my day.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Welcome to Little Vixen

For Foxy Adult Toys and Lingerie

I am rightly proud to announce that my brand new website is officially 'live'

Thank you to everyone who supported me in this venture, it was a unique learning curve for me and i'm sure this will continue for as long as my online retail store is in operation (I hope for a long, long time!) I apologise to all my international friends who can not purchase from the site at this point, as it is only equipped to handle e-commerce from within South Africa. I also need to point out that i'm a new player in this very large industry, so I don't have a large stock holding ... hopefully this is going to change :)

In January of this year, I took up a bit of a mental challenge from one of my family members. I had kept on and on about doing an e-commerce website, had lots of ideas but nothing was actually getting done. I then decided to stop talking about it and actually do it. From the bottom up. Myself. I didn't want to go to some fancy private developer, pay a huge sum of money for a website and ten minutes later, there it was - with little or no input from me.

The object of my exercise was to see if I could drive the concept from basic sketchy thought/idea and carry it through to a real, live, working e-commerce website.

Well, I've pulled it off. I know how it works, how it is put together, the whole shebang - so I am giving my badself a great big pat on the back. As my Senior Developer pointed out at tonight's launch party, i did all the work myself - from conception, planning and overall site design, to sourcing reputable suppliers, to loading the products images and descriptions, working with the modules, configurations and coding. SEO work has also been started by myself - i still have a lot to do in this regard but i know i will get it done now. I set up the business end of the company as well as the marketing, budgeting, accounting and all other facets.

Everyone had a great time at the launch party tonight, I was well chuffed with the presentation, which we did on our nice big flat screen tv. All the bits and pieces worked, my 'happy bags' (that I gave to each couple when they left the party) were a great success. I couldn't have asked for more.

Just for once, I can take credit for seeing something through from start to finish and i'm feeling just a little bit proud of myself! Cheers.

Now the real hard work begins ... yay!
Bring it on.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Knew I should have kept my mouth shut

... well I now have basically got Pneumonia (might as well have, because the quack has given me the same antibiotic that you would give to someone in that state). I've been sick since we came back from our trip to Loskop Dam, now it's in my chest and i have a lovely wheezing, hacking cough. Oh well, at least i'm keeping the doctors and pharmactists happy ..... ka-ching

My part of the stuff revolving around my new business is completed - i've loaded all my products, sorted out the design thingies .... now i'm just waiting for my updated logo (which I am supposed to be getting tonight but don't hold her breath) and then it's A for away. I have threatened my two developers (that sounds so cool ... nobody has to know they are my sons ... ) that unless they finish by the end of this week, they are fired. It's not like they are doing out of the goodness of their heart, or because of familial connections ... I am paying the buggers.

Nothing much else to report at the moment, other than i seem to have suddenly also developed a bad case of the farts (that's cos they fed me a boerewors roll tonight for supper .... yugh, i HATE boerewors )
Anyway, I won't stay around any longer, cos this is putting a hurt on my nose (with respects and regards to the guru of it all .... one Frank Zappa (')(') .... them's Apostrophe's .... duh .... one of my all-time faves)

Post Script
Oh crap, I knew i couldn't just put one frigging track up here ....

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Talking about God

Some amazing photos on the website - over here of the Solar flares, taken in June this year.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Psssst ...

Hey ... i don’t want to say it too LOUD but looks like i’ve sorted out all the IT crap i was having with the website design, functionality etc. etc. (yawn) and that once I have finished loading all the database again (groan), i will be able to GO LIVE – i am tentatively setting that date to August 15th – which is the 42nd anniversary of when Woodstock opened its doors to flower children everywhere and I fell head over heels in love with Jimi Hendrix

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

God Complex

I started writing with a pen on paper (remember that sensation?) I told myself that i didn't want to write this stuff out in a Blog or on a 'puter. But there's no denying things sometimes. So here I am typing some of it out on this Blog. Don't ask me why.

There are many premises in my head. I hate them all, they confuse me. And all of them devolve back to one singular question.
What is God?

Is it possible, in today’s society, to know what God is? Is it necessary to even think about this question? Is it relevant? Do you think about the existence (or not) of God on a regular basis?
If you do, does it mean you are a crack pot? Does it mean that you are a Born Again? Why would you have to be born again? This implies that there was something wrong with the way you were made the first time round. God isn't supposed to make mistakes.

I don’t doubt. But i don’t understand. I know there is something ‘other’, something way bigger than me, way more significant than politicians, rock stars and movie actors, something so super-massive, it dwarfs the Sun, the solar system, cosmos ... and so tiny, it lives inside my cells, is buried in my genetic DNA. The presence of God is atomic and cellular. And it keeps wanting me to write about it.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Went Fishin'

Spent a couple of hours trawling YouTube tonight, which is kinda fun when you've nothing better to do (tomorrow is a public holiday here), so i can sleep in ... yay.
Well, I started the proceedings off with some MUSE - watched most of the singles and still cannot decide whether this band is Queen revisited or the a much better version of The Mission ... time will tell ... can't help myself though, i do love their stuff. Then had a look at the new COLDPLAY, which is quite a lot of the same really ... although haven't listened to anything other than the single. I always had a soft spot for Coldplay, so i suppose i will end up buying it. Then watched some really old CREAM ("Badg"e - is my all time favourite Cream song), checked out a live version of "Born Under A Bad Sign" by ALBERT KING and wait for it .... STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN ... ooo that weren't half great. Also watched some T-REX, a bit of PINK FLOYD, some BLIND FAITH, the Top Of The Pops version of FREE's seminal "All Right Now" toon (that was one of my fave albums of all time) ... mosied on past JIMI HENDRIX and watched him do the Woodstock "Star Spangled Banner" freak out performance ... then I ended up giggling through this foot stomping, bootie grinding jive from ol' rubber hips himself .... (Note to self, try to figure out how to take the ads off YouTube Embeds ... so you don't have to click the 'x' button)

It still amazes me how gritty and HUGE his voice is, considering what a tiny little chap he is. :) Enjoy

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Yum Yum Yummy 美味

Couple of new movies that i want to see ... "The Sorcerer and White Snake" (with my man, Jet Li) and ... the new Shaolin thingie with Andy Lau. Wonder when they'll get released here?

what does the word 'GOD' mean to you?

we are going away this weekend to Loskop Dam (Mpumalanga) - to a holiday resort type of thing there (self-catering lickle housies). It should be fun, i hope. We were all going to try and squeeze into my miniscule (but lank sexy) Proton Satria Neo (i.e. me, two daughters, two grandchildren) but honestly, FIVE people, plus groceries, changes of clothes, smelly takkies etc. wouldn't work. The boot of this car is just big enough to house a case of beers. Anyhoooo we have hired a veeHiKul ... something like a Nissan Tiida (or worse) ... i was so hoping that we'd get a Subaru (again) but not to be this time. Anyway, will post some photos when we get back.

The man of the house (plus my other two sons) are all going to the Drakensberg for an Airsoft Convention ... play-play army dudes shooting the shit out of each other for two days, crawling about, digging trenches, freezing their butts off ... all in the name of fun. Can't see it myself.

I have given up posting updates about the state of play with regards my new online business, the website is still not up and running (don't ask me, i only work here) ... ONE DAY i will be able to present you all (er ... i think there's only one person reading this) with the LINK!! Oh joy and wow, won't you be thrilled then?

Answer the question. Long or short ... email it to me or post here. email is but you knew that

Open to anyone.
Over and out.