Tuesday, August 9, 2011

God Complex

I started writing with a pen on paper (remember that sensation?) I told myself that i didn't want to write this stuff out in a Blog or on a 'puter. But there's no denying things sometimes. So here I am typing some of it out on this Blog. Don't ask me why.

There are many premises in my head. I hate them all, they confuse me. And all of them devolve back to one singular question.
What is God?

Is it possible, in today’s society, to know what God is? Is it necessary to even think about this question? Is it relevant? Do you think about the existence (or not) of God on a regular basis?
If you do, does it mean you are a crack pot? Does it mean that you are a Born Again? Why would you have to be born again? This implies that there was something wrong with the way you were made the first time round. God isn't supposed to make mistakes.

I don’t doubt. But i don’t understand. I know there is something ‘other’, something way bigger than me, way more significant than politicians, rock stars and movie actors, something so super-massive, it dwarfs the Sun, the solar system, cosmos ... and so tiny, it lives inside my cells, is buried in my genetic DNA. The presence of God is atomic and cellular. And it keeps wanting me to write about it.

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