Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sorry to crow about the Foxy Lady

I am obviously 'tweaking' stuff continuously on my new website, so i suppose you could say the Vixen is still wet behind the ears, although i'm not sure about that turn of phrase.

I still have a load of things to learn and fix - there are some issues with the coding on the website, I know. The top bits (where it says R currency bla bla) will be fixed soon, I promise The hosting company who migrated my old site ( to Little Vixen's home on the www, didn't do such a great job and left bits dangling in cyberspace. We are running around trying to find them, as we speak. One stuff up at a time, I guess.

Little Vixen gets more personality
I opened up a Blog for her tonight ... it's over here I think it will be fun to try and develop her character and this is also where i would like to post the odd interesting story with a sexual/erotic bent (so to speak) ... I don't intend that the Blog will just be another place to put photos and duplicate what's on my website but i have to start somewhere and I have lots of pwitty pictures!!
If you are still reading this crap and would like to come up with a naughty story, or any point of interest that could be debated on Little Vixen's Blog, please let me know.

Balancing Karma
Of course, now i have to devote an entire website to selling God things .... har har ... cough.
Anyhoo on the subject of holiness, can you believe this ... we were driving back from Braamfontein on the M1 (the busiest highway in Johannesburg) this afternoon and we overtake this tow truck. Blazoned on the side was
"CHRISTIAN" ... the T being a huge Cross .... "We tow for Jesus" underneath the word Christian. That surely takes the cake, hey? :) I was a bit flabbergasted but couldn't stop laughing. It brightened up my day.

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