Saturday, August 20, 2011

Welcome to Little Vixen

For Foxy Adult Toys and Lingerie

I am rightly proud to announce that my brand new website is officially 'live'

Thank you to everyone who supported me in this venture, it was a unique learning curve for me and i'm sure this will continue for as long as my online retail store is in operation (I hope for a long, long time!) I apologise to all my international friends who can not purchase from the site at this point, as it is only equipped to handle e-commerce from within South Africa. I also need to point out that i'm a new player in this very large industry, so I don't have a large stock holding ... hopefully this is going to change :)

In January of this year, I took up a bit of a mental challenge from one of my family members. I had kept on and on about doing an e-commerce website, had lots of ideas but nothing was actually getting done. I then decided to stop talking about it and actually do it. From the bottom up. Myself. I didn't want to go to some fancy private developer, pay a huge sum of money for a website and ten minutes later, there it was - with little or no input from me.

The object of my exercise was to see if I could drive the concept from basic sketchy thought/idea and carry it through to a real, live, working e-commerce website.

Well, I've pulled it off. I know how it works, how it is put together, the whole shebang - so I am giving my badself a great big pat on the back. As my Senior Developer pointed out at tonight's launch party, i did all the work myself - from conception, planning and overall site design, to sourcing reputable suppliers, to loading the products images and descriptions, working with the modules, configurations and coding. SEO work has also been started by myself - i still have a lot to do in this regard but i know i will get it done now. I set up the business end of the company as well as the marketing, budgeting, accounting and all other facets.

Everyone had a great time at the launch party tonight, I was well chuffed with the presentation, which we did on our nice big flat screen tv. All the bits and pieces worked, my 'happy bags' (that I gave to each couple when they left the party) were a great success. I couldn't have asked for more.

Just for once, I can take credit for seeing something through from start to finish and i'm feeling just a little bit proud of myself! Cheers.

Now the real hard work begins ... yay!
Bring it on.

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