Monday, August 8, 2011

Went Fishin'

Spent a couple of hours trawling YouTube tonight, which is kinda fun when you've nothing better to do (tomorrow is a public holiday here), so i can sleep in ... yay.
Well, I started the proceedings off with some MUSE - watched most of the singles and still cannot decide whether this band is Queen revisited or the a much better version of The Mission ... time will tell ... can't help myself though, i do love their stuff. Then had a look at the new COLDPLAY, which is quite a lot of the same really ... although haven't listened to anything other than the single. I always had a soft spot for Coldplay, so i suppose i will end up buying it. Then watched some really old CREAM ("Badg"e - is my all time favourite Cream song), checked out a live version of "Born Under A Bad Sign" by ALBERT KING and wait for it .... STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN ... ooo that weren't half great. Also watched some T-REX, a bit of PINK FLOYD, some BLIND FAITH, the Top Of The Pops version of FREE's seminal "All Right Now" toon (that was one of my fave albums of all time) ... mosied on past JIMI HENDRIX and watched him do the Woodstock "Star Spangled Banner" freak out performance ... then I ended up giggling through this foot stomping, bootie grinding jive from ol' rubber hips himself .... (Note to self, try to figure out how to take the ads off YouTube Embeds ... so you don't have to click the 'x' button)

It still amazes me how gritty and HUGE his voice is, considering what a tiny little chap he is. :) Enjoy

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