Thursday, August 4, 2011

what does the word 'GOD' mean to you?

we are going away this weekend to Loskop Dam (Mpumalanga) - to a holiday resort type of thing there (self-catering lickle housies). It should be fun, i hope. We were all going to try and squeeze into my miniscule (but lank sexy) Proton Satria Neo (i.e. me, two daughters, two grandchildren) but honestly, FIVE people, plus groceries, changes of clothes, smelly takkies etc. wouldn't work. The boot of this car is just big enough to house a case of beers. Anyhoooo we have hired a veeHiKul ... something like a Nissan Tiida (or worse) ... i was so hoping that we'd get a Subaru (again) but not to be this time. Anyway, will post some photos when we get back.

The man of the house (plus my other two sons) are all going to the Drakensberg for an Airsoft Convention ... play-play army dudes shooting the shit out of each other for two days, crawling about, digging trenches, freezing their butts off ... all in the name of fun. Can't see it myself.

I have given up posting updates about the state of play with regards my new online business, the website is still not up and running (don't ask me, i only work here) ... ONE DAY i will be able to present you all (er ... i think there's only one person reading this) with the LINK!! Oh joy and wow, won't you be thrilled then?

Answer the question. Long or short ... email it to me or post here. email is but you knew that

Open to anyone.
Over and out.


  1. HOLY SHIT WOMAN! Still had to jump through a few hoops, but it let me do it! YES! I can comment again! Oddly, it won't take my 'googly' account (obviously linked to Blogger) but it let me put in my URL this time! Last time it told me I was not a member of that URL... ain't technology grand! And now I have to go to work... but yay, it works! =)

  2. sometimes, methinks that 'puters aren't all they are cracked up to be :)