Friday, September 9, 2011

'ello poppits

well, i am really excited about my website and the fact that it is starting to come up in searches ( We are doing a lot of work (make that, I am doing a lot of work) to tweak the site (keywords and what not) . SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is my new buzzword and i'm trying really hard to learn all that ... i find it really interesting (cos i'm a class A nerd)
I have gone completely BLONDE (hair and personality) ... i'm liking it lots, i get looks from chaps (always a bonus) ... but i'm not really having more fun. Cough.
We found a bunch of new estate agents who seem more sparky than the do-dos we signed a sole mandate with and they have assured us that we will be able to sell our house relatively quickly and at the price we want ... so please put out good karma and positive house-selling vibes my direction hey?
All for now.

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