Friday, October 21, 2011

yay its friday

got myself a nifty little hand-held recording device and have started speaking stuff out. ... time will tell.
I also issued a challenge to my bestest mate to get on with it and start writing again. if yer reading this, dude, where's today's sample?

we have put the radio in the office. there were several reasons for this.
1. my youngest daughter - who sits right at the end of the room to me, has a problem with her nose ... she sniffs or breathes really heavily all day long - sometimes she sounds like a crack ho .... after half an hour or so, it gets to a point where i want to go and ram a toothbrush up her nostrils. And I don't sit right next to her (my eldest daughter does, poor thing)
2. having music in the office is supposed to make for more relaxed workers ... i never found that to be the case in the past. Possibly because in all the other companies i've worked for, we had to listen to Highveld or 5fm ...
We have it into Mixfm - which is broadcast from Midrand and actually plays half decent stuff most of the day - alternative, punk, rock, grunge ... old, old classics (60's, 70's ... even old Chuck Berry!) .. every now and then they chuck in Beyonce, or middle of the road rap crap - then we just turn it down. Yesterday it was great fun, we had it on full blast playing London Calling (the Clash), next was Nirvana's "Smells like teen spirit" ... so we were all head banging about and pogoing everywhere. Great fun.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lions Tigers and Bears ... oh my .... and other ditties

I don't really care about the backstory and why the owner of these animals let them escape, then killed himself ... i just want to know, in this sophisticated 21st century of ours, why the poor creatures weren't darted and removed to an approved 'accredited' animal sanctuary? Why were they all shot? Reeks of an opportunistic redneck hunting spree gone wrong to me.

Louise de Waal ... what can a person say about this? Well first off, the South African justice system is a complete JOKE. Secondly, the fucker should be castrated, hung up, drawn and quartered - in public. Then they should shoot him, burn him on the stake and finally stick a few knives in. If this bastard gets to actually remain in prison (again another joke), i hope he 'gets it' up the arse so many times he bleeds for the rest of his life.

Jacob Zuma's posh new pad R170 million to fix up the interior of Mahlamba Ndlopfu (the official residence of our illustrious president). What? The Star reported that something like R30 million was needed to fix the swimming pool. For god's sake, an OLYMPIC swimming pool wouldn't cost that much to upgrade. Jesus Wept.
Zuma is supposed to be a public servant ... not Sheik Yerbootie or King Aswad the 3rd
Completely obscene.

Thank God, Tom Waits has a new album out soon.

I know this is old but i just love this chick ....

Monday, October 17, 2011

trick or treat? therein lies the rub

God it’s almost the end of the year again and i’m still languishing in Gauteng.

I’ve gone to Pot - starting ceramic classes in November – should be fun pottering about with wet clay.

I’m getting trickles of enquiries in on a regular basis from the Little Vixen website. Most of the time it’s for things i’ve run out of stock of ... duh. Can’t complain though, at least there is interest out there. Sometime in November/December i’m going to arrange another LV party and sell stuff ‘live’, it’s always fun selling to chicks in an informal setting, little bit of wine, some snacks ...

I’m also under orders now to write a book, dammit! ergo i have to get a handheld dictaphone/voice recording device and just sommer speak it out – that way it will get done quicker, i hope. Every other method has failed dismally – i.e. keeping a note book next to the bed, or in my bag; using a dedicated laptop ... etc. etc. .... the ideas always come to me when i don’t have any of the aforementioned equipment to hand.

what yer listening to?