Monday, October 17, 2011

trick or treat? therein lies the rub

God it’s almost the end of the year again and i’m still languishing in Gauteng.

I’ve gone to Pot - starting ceramic classes in November – should be fun pottering about with wet clay.

I’m getting trickles of enquiries in on a regular basis from the Little Vixen website. Most of the time it’s for things i’ve run out of stock of ... duh. Can’t complain though, at least there is interest out there. Sometime in November/December i’m going to arrange another LV party and sell stuff ‘live’, it’s always fun selling to chicks in an informal setting, little bit of wine, some snacks ...

I’m also under orders now to write a book, dammit! ergo i have to get a handheld dictaphone/voice recording device and just sommer speak it out – that way it will get done quicker, i hope. Every other method has failed dismally – i.e. keeping a note book next to the bed, or in my bag; using a dedicated laptop ... etc. etc. .... the ideas always come to me when i don’t have any of the aforementioned equipment to hand.

what yer listening to?

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