Friday, October 21, 2011

yay its friday

got myself a nifty little hand-held recording device and have started speaking stuff out. ... time will tell.
I also issued a challenge to my bestest mate to get on with it and start writing again. if yer reading this, dude, where's today's sample?

we have put the radio in the office. there were several reasons for this.
1. my youngest daughter - who sits right at the end of the room to me, has a problem with her nose ... she sniffs or breathes really heavily all day long - sometimes she sounds like a crack ho .... after half an hour or so, it gets to a point where i want to go and ram a toothbrush up her nostrils. And I don't sit right next to her (my eldest daughter does, poor thing)
2. having music in the office is supposed to make for more relaxed workers ... i never found that to be the case in the past. Possibly because in all the other companies i've worked for, we had to listen to Highveld or 5fm ...
We have it into Mixfm - which is broadcast from Midrand and actually plays half decent stuff most of the day - alternative, punk, rock, grunge ... old, old classics (60's, 70's ... even old Chuck Berry!) .. every now and then they chuck in Beyonce, or middle of the road rap crap - then we just turn it down. Yesterday it was great fun, we had it on full blast playing London Calling (the Clash), next was Nirvana's "Smells like teen spirit" ... so we were all head banging about and pogoing everywhere. Great fun.


  1. I used to work with a guy that would click his retractable pen repeatedly at a a pace similar to that of a horse at a fast gallop on his calmer days. On his bad days, he would click it on his forehead at a rate usually reserved for RPMs on a tachometer. I wanted to shove it in his eye. In that case, music helped... I understand your dilemma.

  2. you obviously have tremendous restraint ... i WOULD have shoved the pen up his nose!
    Glad to see you are about, i will check by your blog soon ... been a bit hectic busy lately. No, nothing exciting.