Monday, December 5, 2011

my other lives

I am a creature of many hats at the moment. Juggling these identities is starting to take its toll. I don't think i've ever been more dog tired than I am at the moment. Maybe it's end of year lag?

1. Little Vixen
This business is starting to take up more and more of my time on a daily basis. The Vixen has developed her own character and i have to constantly keep feeding and nurturing this persona/business. Not complaining. In fact this is the first thing i've done in a long time that doesn't seem to equate to work, i'm having fun and enjoying the odd sale I make. The launch party for the brand name went down so well, all my hard work in preparation of the party has paid off. All the ladies are talking about it and can't wait for the next one. When I throw a party, i don't eff about! I have received some spin off work from the party and on Friday took delivery of a whole load more stock from my overseas supplier. Stunning things that I really am quite proud of. Anyway, this business is very young - the website has only been running professionally since the end of August! So baby steps.

2. My professional daily job - immigration. Yuch. What can i say that i haven't bleated about already? I absolutely hate this industry, it is so thankless. Every day we feel like we are being bludgeoned to death. The main prize for us is to be able to relocate to the UK and get rid of this monster, which leads to next persona.

3. Independent Estate Agent. I am not a fool, have sold many houses successfully in my lifetime and don't appreciate ineffective estate agents who whine and whinge about the current state of the market, how the property industry is depressed ... blah blah. We are seeing many houses sold on a daily basis in our area, our house is stunning and many many people who come to visit us can't believe how lovely it is. So the sole mandate with the previous useless agents expired last week and we have now taken on another agent (who lives in our estate) to sell it for us. He has come in with a totally different attitude, is excited and positive at the prospect of selling our home. He has already sold one that was almost the same as ours but not as well put together. So hold thumbs for us PLEASE! We HAVE to sell this house before we can change anything about our current situation and i'm not getting any younger. If i don't get to the UK next year, then i can forget it.

4. Clothing Production Manager to the rich and famous.
My grand-daughter regularly gives me sewing projects to complete for her. Most involve the creation of fantasy dresses and costumes that she wants to play in. Last week, she drew a picture of her ideal Christmas party outfit and of course, Nanna had to get on with it.
Voila, last night I finished it and now i am the favourite grand-parent once again (well for this week, at least). I must say the dress is lovely and i'm right proud of myself.

5. Wedding planner
My eldest son and his fiance are getting married in March next year. The fiance organised her dress at the beginning of this year, as well as book the wedding venue. But the chaos is now starting to kick in and nobody seems to know what they are supposed to do. So of course, yours truly now has to sort all this lot out. Oi vey.

6. Photographer
At one of the show days we had for the house, my camera went walkie bye-byes. I am completely pissed off about this but what can you do?
Cue ... Canon advert
I have been looking at some 'deals' the shops have put together for SLR camera bundles over the Christmas silly shopping season. Seen a right royal deal with Canon - but am not sure if i'm getting the right model camera - so might end up having to chat to Mr. Ten Miles about that.

7. Ceramic artist
My Pink Piggy Bank is almost completed - did the glazing last week and will be putting the finishing touches to her on Wednesday at the last pottery lesson of this year - she is going to be given to grand-daughter as a present. She was also an order from said grand-daughter.

nuff for now

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