Thursday, December 15, 2011

so i'm back... from outta space

look, don't get me wrong, twitter is not too bad if you want updates from all over the globe on every conceivable subject under the sun 24/7. it's not bad if you want to know at any given moment, exactly what your idol is supposed to be doing, thinking, eating, washing, playing with ...
no, it's not

twitting jargon is really bald, irritating, confusing and well, lazy. it's not anywhere near as hip as the people who sprout it would have you believe.

i tried it. i liked it a bit. i hated it a lot. i found it wasted a load of time and got me precisely nowhere, in the end. Days pass, twits mount up, till it becomes nigh impossible to read all of them and the ones that ARE important are missed. Way too much clutter.

nope, will stick to Blogging thanks.

RT this to your heart's content

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