Monday, January 30, 2012

Of Dragons and tiring hackneyed fantasy tales.

i never read the Christopher Paolini "Inheritance" series (Eragon et al) until we bought it for the man of our house for Christmas cos he also wanted to read the set ... and the books do have some very eye-catching artwork ... and i do so love dragons (being one myself).

The Inheritance series has to be read with the following in mind:
a) the lad was only about 15 when he wrote it
b) it was self-published first by his parents company
c) Random House have now taken over and it's sold gazillion copies internationally (gazillion copies does not equate to quality product).

yes, it's rather weak in parts and too contrived.
yes, the dialogue is stilted, awkward and adolescent.
yes, the character development is sketchy
yes, too many logistical problems crop up all the time, only to be deftly solved with one sentence (plot contrivance)
yes, it makes me very angry sometimes when I read how sloppy it is

it has a lot of merit and moves along at a fair enough pace (if you ignore all the technical lapses)

do NOT read this Inheritance set directly after reading George R R Martin's Songs of Ice and Fire masterpieces. It will just make you so miserable.
George's books are ART, they have longevity, weight, substance and will last for generations to come. They are already classics.
The same can not be said of the Inheritance cycle and nobody should make that assumption (some have and it makes my blood boil). I keep wanting to write stuff on the pages (especially where there are blatant editorial and penmanship mistakes), pad it up a bit, give it some ADULT content, some balls, some credibility.

And i am very jealous - cos my dragon book (still in my head) beats the pants of this lot! Duh

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