Tuesday, February 14, 2012

update from the coal face

been almost an eon since I posted on here ... so current state of affairs in my life is as follows (like anyone actually gives a sh#t):

  • i have moved out of my upstairs bedroom /bathroom (the west wing) to the outside maids' quarters (still inside the main house but a separate entrance from outside). I am actually VERY happy about this. Firstly, I have my own key, can 'lock up and go', can play my music loud, can get peace and quiet when i want it, can write again, can paint again (cos the floor is tiled, not carpeted) ... yep, i'm very cosy in my new bachelorette pad downstairs and round back.
  • my other son and his fiance are moving in on saturday and going to reside in my previous bedroom/bathroom ... so they are squeezing a two bedroomed duplex flat into one tiny bedroom ... good luck with that. Oh well, we are all trying to save money, so it should be fun (for a couple of nano-seconds)
  • we have a showday on Sunday to sell the house ... lordy lordy.
  • i am now sourcing a reliable manufacturer to help me with the wedding dress/prom/debutante dress side of my business - having ditched the adult toys section completely from www.littlevixen.co.za I am still keeping the toys/games that i have in stock and selling them at private lingerie parties ... fun times.
  • i have rotator cuff tendonitis with impingement in my shoulder - did one stint of physiotherapy and was in so much pain during and after, that i'm not going back. the only solution now is to have cortisone injected into the tendon. or surgery. neither appeals to me overmuch. so i guess i will just have to happily take extremely strong painkillers (and Mojito's) for the rest of my life ... no problemo.
  • my best mate is getting married on the 25th of this month ... so i need ideas as to what to send him as a wedding gift.
  • my eldest son gets married on the 31st of next month - and so far i've managed to organise a priest for him and his fiance (cos they didn't seem capable of doing it themselves), am busy organising the honeymoon (cos my son just aint got the time) ... oi vey.
  • what else?
  • oh Kit Harington accepted my request to 'follow' him on Twitface ... so i am a bit a-flutter about that at the moment.
  • i'm waiting for the rest of the books from George R R Martin (courtesy of Amazing Amazon)
  • that's it for now.

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