Thursday, April 19, 2012

Druid J reporting for duty

So i'm now an Ordained Clergyperson. Just need to pay up the US$90 bucks or so and i'll get my nice "Deluxe Ordination Certificate custom imprinted with my name on acid free parchment style paper, signed and embossed with raised gold seal" ... oooh, how pwitty. Myyyy Precioussss

I don't know, don't ask me why i did this.
I suppose it comes from constantly scratching about in the dark trying to figure out what is my purpose on this revolving blob in Space.
Laugh is, most Spiritual Humanists don't espouse the notion of a "God" ... which is a bit of a shame
@God is quite a cool chap (his Tweets are funny most of the time)
Not to be confused with Satanists or other Devil worshippers, SH's actually have TENETS that they are supposed to uphold, a la:

1. Behold Nature with reverence.
By instinct we are inspired by the beauty of nature – a fiery sunset, the starry night sky, springtime flowers, or autumn leaves.
2. Base religion upon Reason.
Religious truth can only be found through science, the basis of all the knowledge that makes our civilization possible.
3. Treat all people as equals.
Everyone deserves the same level of respect, opportunities, and right to be happy. No one is born as a superior to anyone else.
4. Act to reduce suffering and misery, and advance contentment, and happiness.
Everyone must obey the same standards of good and bad behavior. Doing good deeds makes the world a better place.
5. Protect things that belong to everyone.
Fresh air, clean rivers, and healthy oceans are all things that every one has a right to enjoy, and no one has a right to spoil. It’s our duty to protect these public treasures.
6. Celebrate seasons and cycles with ritual.
We are part of nature. Recognizing it brings us closer to our natural roots.
7. Cultivate spiritual abilities by application.
By practicing we can get better at being inspired and knowing our own abilities.
8. Exalt the correlation of past, present, and future.
What we do today affects the world of the future. Things done in the past like preserving the environment, finding cures for diseases, or writing an inspiring song, still help us today.
9. Champion these principles.
When you believe in something you must be ready to stand up for yourself and defend it. Otherwise some one else will step in and make things worse.
10. Improve these codes as we learn more.
Only through learning and changing our actions based on the new information can we grow and make the world better. Even our dearest beliefs must always be open to improvement.

I'm sure I read somewhere that Prof Stephen Hawkings had changed his mind about the existence or not of God and decided that there couldn't be a Universe or any Cosmic stuff going on without a Supreme Being ... God ... whatever you would like to call it/him/her. I feel a bit like that too. The whole fabric of the cosmos is (and by extension our part in it), just too fantastic and magnificent to be attributed to plain, dry, humourless old Science. Even Carl Sagan (who the SH's are wont to quote from time to time), had plenty thoughts about the existence of God in the great scheme of things and i think CS was Jewish (could be wrong on that).

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