Tuesday, April 17, 2012


we have a client who basically doesn't qualify to migrate to Australia unless she gets a job ... she's a single woman, accountant, pedantic and anal as fuck, old maid type of personality, penny pinching miser, no personality at all, suspicious of everyone, has delusions of grandeur and also delusions of persecution ... lovely
anyway, we find her an interview through our contacts - the job opportunity is an excellent one for her. Interview (telephonic) is set up for this Thursday morning at a time that is convenient for HER. All she has to do is phone the chap and do the interview on her cell phone ... but Oh No ... she won't be arsed to do that, will she? It's too much to phone Australia, it will cost about R100 and she isn't going to do it. HE must phone HER. What?
beats me how the fuck this bird gets through life.

Even crazier when you know that she is currently drawing about R30K a month from a family trust fund and has no financial worries whatsoever.

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