Friday, May 18, 2012

can we pray that facebook et al will collapse?

i so totally agree with the comments by FACKFACE on this article (FACEBOOK'S WORST NIGHTMARE: After GM, Here's How The Other Dominoes Could Fall).     I also do not get Facebook, never have, never will ...
I'm also sick and tired up to here of all the 'trendies' with their Blackberry phones, snobby BBMs and the RUDENESS of cellphone users these days, as their Blackberries ping away all day long - even when you are trying to hold a normal face-to-face interaction. 
Just go to your local favourite restaurant and watch as people sit opposite each other, heads down, thumbs dashing about, sending messages into cyberspace, totally ignoring their partner.  And this is called SOCIAL INTERFACING!
Meantime, they could be having a perfectly good, normal, SOCIAL conversation, in the flesh, with the person sitting with them.   


  1. Confession: I like Facebook for one reason ~ I am lazy. I'm not into it for the social interaction, I like the fact that I can put all my hockey stuff and bands, etc in there and it just spits out the info I want in the form of updates.... "You lazy fuck, here are the latest tour dates since you can't be bothered to check our actual site on a regular basis" sort of thing. Yeah, for that I am guilty. Other than that, people must think I am the lonliest person in the world - I have just over 60 'friends' and, if we are being truthful, we both know I don't like that many people. I keep it that way by choice. I have no desire to relive old high school days.

    As far as the people that are wired 100% of the time, it really is awful. I hate trying to talk to people (yes, the old fashioned way - IN PERSON) and their texts keep going off. Pbbbt.

  2. i must trawl for your facebook page and become one of your friends (that you like :)
    but i still won't be able to keep it up, part of me is cross about that for some weird reason.