Tuesday, May 15, 2012

downsizing ... the new up

well from Sunday night, I will be 100% on my own in this ere migration business. All the other staff have left the coop, leaving poor old* me to 'man the fort' and continue waging war on unsuspecting (yet deserving) clients. oh i'm so looking forward to Monday morning (no-o-o-t)

otherwise not much else is happening. thought we had a buyer for the house last week but turns out we don't. just sent a long missive to all the estate agents in our area who are supposed to be 'marketing' our property, basically telling them all to go fuck themselves where the sun don't shine. and they have the gall to reply 'could we have a show day this saturday?' ... estate agents are plankton and thick as pigshit.

speaking of pigshit, my brother is going to go and live in Kethely, HUNGARY in this

... not kidding
he just went and paid  £18,000 for the honour of owning this hovel/barn and a house that's probably nearly 100 years old (although not something that the National Heritage department would be interested in declaring a protected monument or anything) with a well for drinking water ...

i hope he's happy.  i know he will be.
to be honest, i wouldn't mind spending my 'end of days'* lounging about in a caravan/motor-home next to the ocean/lake/river (any bit of water, not fussy). 

I am supposed to be coming up with a short story about YELLOW .... i haven't gotten past doodlings on one page and scattered remnants of thought about daffodils.   my writing days are obviously kaput.

On the topic of kaput ... i watched this video on my son's ultra huge 3-D HD television on Sunday night, it made me cry.

i do so love this song, even with the startlingly horrid visuals.

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