Monday, May 21, 2012

finding blokes

hey, so i ended up putting an 'honest' profile up on a dating website for elderly folks (like myself ... cough) ... serious.  I put my REAL age on there and a REAL photo (i.e. non-photoshopped and taken with the webcam, so it's like current) ... but check this out, i cant keep up with all the chaps who are winking, or messaging me !


where have all these guys been for the last fifteen years of my life?

Well, anyhow, once they get to read this blog (cos I posted a link yesterday), I doubt I will hear from any of them ever again; cos like i cuss a lot and say stuff that most people don't actually ever understand (other than certain people in the US of A and one in Cape Town).



  1. If it scares them off, then all the better. Look at it as a time saver so you can focus on the ones that 'get' what you post. Kind of like natural selection in blog form. ;)

  2. hee hee that is priceless, I will keep that in my head!