Wednesday, May 16, 2012

is blogging becoming extinct?

when i started doing this stuff back in god knows when (round about 2003 I think, could have been earlier, can't remember) ... everyone was trying to get onto the band wagon.  some blogs were really good and continued for years (Mr. Kyknoord's being a case in point), others were just as good but went into stasis ... now there are people with websites, TEACHING  people how to blog CORRECTLY  ... wha?

I don't remember this shit being around when we started blogging .... there were no regulations, no parameters, guidelines, protocols ... for christ's sake, a blog is supposed to be a personal take on life; a digital diary..   the original aim of setting up blogging interfaces was not to MAKE MONEY out of your daily missives.
now that's all people are concerned with.   Adsense, Adwords, affiliate advertising programes  ... Ad Ad Ad ... fucking advertising, fuck off.

and what's with Facebook?
Why is this shitty interface so popular with 99% of internet savvy persons?  I don't get it at all. I absolutley hate Facebook, to me it's just a fashion-trendy, shittily designed, clunky application with no merits at all.
Twitter - even though I use it, i hate it. It's so compartmentalised and restrictive.
Can't wait for the internet to implode on itself, then we can go back to pen and paper. 

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