Wednesday, May 30, 2012

life in the fast lane

There i was getting ‘into’ my writing persona again, doing hand-written little dribblings each night in preparation for ‘DA BOOK’ ... sweating and straining, agonising over sentence structure and who my heroine/hero is going to be, where the story is set, when the story is set, how to build tension, how to start with tension, where to start, where to end, what happens in the end ... blah blah ... really concentrating on this whole thing I was, getting my writerly mojo back, promising myself that this is it, confidence starting to return, actually getting pages written ... 
then today, i get asked to do go back into transcribing, do a test and now looks like i’m going to be spending countless late-night hours typing transcripts for some person on the other side of Gauteng.   Is this some karmic message?  Was i not paying attention properly.

Then there’s the Blokes  thing.   Really getting on my nerves, to be honest.   There are some exceptionally nice guys out there but i don’t want nice, i want Scott Owen or Gennaro Connors


  1. Sometimes life knows more than you do. When it seems that it is pushing you in a certain unplanned direction, it usually means one of two things. 1) You're screwing up and it is trying to redirect you. 2) It is testing you to see how seriously you take the activity it is interrupting (your writing), so it is a good test. Annoying as hell, though, isn't it?

  2. I had that thought as well, so shrugged my shoulders and hopped off to bed, put laptop on knee and started writing again ... about an hour later I saw that i had managed to spew out about 2,000 words and most of coherent! :) whodathunkit!