Thursday, May 3, 2012

Open post(al) to Mr Izzard


I MISSED the last South African gig, cos your 'notify fans of forthcoming gigs' application didn't work and refused to tell me (in advance) that you were coming to Joburg, so i was not part of it, i didn't pitch up ... i bloody well missed the whole effing thing, didn't i?
Good job you weren't in the car when the glib radio DJ announced in a sing-a-long voice that 'tickets were all sold out' ... like he was happy about that or something. I did go postal. Very.
Now I see that you are taking Force Majeure to Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, UK and Eire ... all the cold wet dismal places on earth ... so why not come along back here to SA for some sunshine?
Well i tried.

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  1. of course since i posted this, it is now common knowledge that Eddie is in South Africa, completing 27 marathons all over the place, in honour of Nelson Mandela. Tickets told out in 3 minutes (or thereabouts) for the one and only performance he scheduled for S Africa. How was I to know? Even being a subscriber to his website, i still didn't get notified of a) the 27 marathon tour or b) the one off gig he's playing here. so paying attention on the internet is not all it's cracked up to be hey? I'm getting tired of following people on twitter.