Thursday, May 17, 2012

when does a name become a trademark?©

i did some random searches on the googometer yesterday and included one for "Life As A Carrot", as one is opt to do. .
There are other people who are on twitter and on facebook with my name (the whole string). For some reason this pissed me off.
I came up with the title for this blog and by extension © internet persona.   There were no other carrots around when i started this blog - other than websites devoted to cultivating or cooking the orange veggie.   I believed at one point that the concept behind the title "life as a carrot" was quite important to me, it meant to imply that i did not see myself as having any import in the greater cosmological sense, and more particularly in the blogosphere.  I felt that in using such a moniker, i would not slip into the trap of becoming a sanctimonious know-it-all blogger with no sense of humour.   Jury's out on that.
Yesterday I stumbled on  this
wonder if i should charge royalties?


  1. You should charge them a fee for improper word usage... 'through', not 'threw'. Then charge royalties.

  2. :) i love it when you have my back. One of these days I have to go to the US for a hollerday and come knocking at your door, i think we would have a lot of fun.