Thursday, June 28, 2012

aaaaaaaaaaaaa r gh

feel sick, can't concentrate. 
our estate agent sms'd me this morning to say she is collecting the signed offer tonight at about 7pm and bringing it round to us straight after.  
please dog of property selling, make it an offer we can't refuse ...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

oh come on Karma, stop being a biyatch

So the Fickle Fucking Woman that i posted about below ... (to recap, it was about the chick who jumped up and down inside my house like a 12 year old, gushing about how much she loved the place and then went up the road and changed her mind )  ... well she told our intrepid estate agent on Monday that they want to put an offer in on our house, they’ve made their mind up.
So where is it?                               
Agent said today, when I asked her for an update, that she was ‘waiting for the client to set up a time for the meeting, so that they could get together and work out the offer on paper’.  Jesus wept.
In this day and age of sms, email, scanners, fax (who uses fax anyway these days?) ... she could have sent them the agreement in pdf by email, got them to fill in their bits and pieces, scanned and emailed it back to me yesterday evening already.  
So again we have to wait and wait and wait ... possibly to be told at the weekend that they’ve again changed their mind because the agent let the deal go ‘cold’ and was too lazy to get up off her ample arse and physically go round to the client’s house with the paperwork.
My fuse is almost burnt down, I’m ready to kill people.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

and then along comes another DCD album

Return of the She-King  starts off as being one of my favourite tracks so far off Anastasis (the new Dead Can Dance effort) because it is lovely and oh so Scottish!!
But then she starts the warbly pretentious choral singing and it puts me off
"All in Good Time" comes along and takes over, I think.
Arabic influences abound (typically) - not sure about it yet.

Nice movie soundtrack music.

there, done

won't post anymore ...

this week

depression sets in. hard

everyone has downers, it's a given.  hell i had major set backs when i was working on the launch of Little Vixen's website and all the other logistical problems I had setting up a CC, company bank account, merchant accounts for e-commerce receiving of funds etc. etc. ad infinitum ... at one point, i was 'this close' to cocking the whole thing up the arse and playing dead, calling it quits.   Something stopped me, some 'drive' or need to prove myself, made me rally the troops and get on with it.   I succeeded and that exercise alone has made a huge difference in my life.  It showed me that i actually do have the 'mettle' to see a project through to conclusion, just need to be patient and proceed at a plodding rate.

I KNOW that i can finish my story and book, that's not the issue here, at all. 

The problem i am having now revolves around the immense effort that we are putting into selling our house. It is starting to get the better of me, i have to admit that.  No amount of cheerful optimism and skip-to-my-loo bright attitude is making any fucking difference whatsoever.    Last night, i slipped into depression mode.   I'm losing the drive on this initiative completely.

So the next post will most probably be another pic fest of photos of RMC* that I haven't posted already. 

(*I tried really hard not to mention him again but my sanity is holding on by a thread at the moment)

Monday, June 25, 2012

wow a whole post that DOESN'T feature any references to Rory Mc Cann*

so i got another three thousand words down over the weekend, nailed most of it to the wall.  story is coming along very nicely.   With the help of the guys over at I sorted out a whole load of technical issues I was having with describing how a Subaru Forester would winch another vehicle out of a ditch in snow.   Forums are wonderful things for writers - cos the people who reply have to be extra specially careful with their responses, otherwise the other 'experts' will shoot 'em down in flames.  Forums are my new best friends when it comes to sourcing valuable up-to-the-minute jargon free information.

I've been told by the guys at Ultimate Subaru that i don't even have to worry about finding a publisher, just convert the text to an e-book, stick it up on Amazon, notify three or four Subaru enthusiasts' forums and voila ... best seller in no time at all.  They are so helpful those Sub chaps, maybe a trifle naive but very helpful.

Subaru Forester with front Winch

I am setting my lickle lurv story (what did you expect, 'War&Peace2012'?) well and truly in the most northerly town of Scotland - Thurso.  I was surprised to find out that the town is actually on the pro-surfing route, as the waves there are of similar size to those in Hawaii ... unfortunately I would have to wear a thermal wet-suit to swim in those northerly waters off the Pentland Firth, as the temperatures are the coldest of all surfing waters anywhere on earth. 
I'm having fun, things are moving along with the characters - another 30,000 words and we'll be looking at a novella.

* Bazinga!

Friday, June 22, 2012

he'll be the death o' me

look i'm a bit obsessed, as is readily apparent from the amount of posts there have been this month centred around a particularly tall, very masculine, Scottish dude with dark eyes and erm ... a Scottish accent.   So when I went surfing around on YouTube recently for any more new GoT stuff (as you do), i was a bit downpressed at the Thronecon video footage.  Oh and completely Jealous. 

I won't post the YouTube vid here, cos it is quite a large file but here's the link - any how it is over-dubbed with the most irritating fucking music.   But god, there he is sitting there at one of many round tables in the hotel conference room, like just your average bloke, chatting away with the fans.  do those people actually realise how lucky they are?  why doesn't this kind of thing ever happen to me?  it was in March for heaven's sake, I had money in March, i could have gotten on a plane and hotfooted it over to Birmingham (or wherever the Hilton Hotel is) and been at that thing, with all the other creepy fans and got the chance to look at him, listen to him and maybe stutter a couple of words in his general direction.  then i would have paid the money for the photo-op, stood there with his arm around me for one nano-second, fainted clean away and been able to go home later to die happy.

Anyway i managed to get another 1,400 words down yesterday evening and will be trying to finish the basic story over the weekend - then have to do some major heavy editing and fiddling about.  Then i will look at it, read it again, see how completely crap it is and most probably delete the fucking thing.  I'll try not to, really I will try and actually finish this thing.   But then you have to help me fix up horrible technical errors - cos I have people get stuck on the side of the road in snow in their cars and having to get them winched out ... would you put a winch on a Subaru Forrester, for example?  Or should I rather have our heroine drive a Toyota Landcruiser?

island life

Coddington's Nebula - IC2574 - image from APOD

Thursday, June 21, 2012


i know it's old, i know it was used on the fucking horrible twilight plonker movie soundtrack but who cares, just forget about that.  you can do no wrong in my eyes dude, ever.


i discovered another person who has used my
"life as a carrot" © moniker for the title of her book.  No i will not link to it.   I'm sure i have some recourse here to suing her but who really cares, hey? 

Managed to finish another 1,400 words odd last night and wrote a full scene, where my heroine meets the hero for the second time and sparks fly (probably end up scrapping it later on but never mind that).  I'm having a lot of fun dabbling about with this stupid little story of mine at the moment.  It will be really fun if i can actually get it finished and in reasonable good shape to submit for some editorial interference.   

it's cold here today, icey wind blowing and chance of rain.   no, we haven't sold the house yet.  no comment from the people who came last night, even though they said they loved the house and hung around for a while - no news from the estate agent this morning.  I'm feeling like a hex has been put on this place by one of our previous domestic helps who we fired a few years ago.  it's like our lives turned to shit the month we had to go to the CCMA (over the domestic and the terms of her termination of service ... horrible sentence that). 

I've only just realised that I should have gone into the career of a Music Supervisor for the movies when i left school, instead of doing the boring shite that I did do.   It's not too late to start again though, hey?  Amazon won't send me the books that i wanted to buy on the topic (they reckon they can't ship them to South Africa for whatever reason that they dreamt up today):  

Music Business Handbook and Career Guide - David Baskerville; Hardcover have got two of the above books - but they want over R1,500 for them, plus postage! Fucking stupid, insane.  I will have a go with Exclusive Books this weekend and see how far I get.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

retail therapy, cat pee and the life of riley hey?

my daehoidar hoody has left the UK, so that's good news, soon I will be able to prance about like the good Radiohead fan that I am and there will be no doubt about it.  My 'Blog in Book Form' has also left the US and is winging its way to me.  so sometime soon i will have pressies.   

we discovered today that the fickle cucking woman who came to see our house on Sunday had no intention whatsoever of buying it, she had already committed to buying a house in meyersdal, which is about 50kms away from us on the other side of Gauteng.  Since she came round, we've had another three couples dragged through the house kicking and screaming by other agents ... and another person is coming tonight at 5pm (in fifteen minutes or so).     My son's cat is pee-ing in their room on their washing and it's like toxic fallout in there, so we've just spent the best part of an hour trying to get rid of cat-pee smell  - not something that's easy to do when you can't see where the hell the fucking cat has peed.  Methinks this little shitty/pee-y cat is going to get the order of the boot sometime soon.  she's a grumpy, miserable cat anyhow, won't socialise with any of the other cats in our house and spits/growls all day long from her spot behind my desk in the office.  She's sitting on top of a pile of files in my bookcase at the moment glaring at me.

Top Gear in Durban

the buggy almost looks to be going too slow for this stunt!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More intelligent thoughts on aliens , time travel and M-theory physics

This excerpt taken from an MSNBC interview with Professor Stephen Hawking by Cosmic Log's Science Editor, Alan Boyle ahead of the Seattle Science Festival.  

Q: John Gribbin recently argued that we are almost certainly the only intelligent life in the Milky Way –  do you think he’s right or wrong, and why? Also, SETI astronomer Seth Shostak argues that even if there are other intelligent civilizations out there, it’s too late for us to keep quiet about our existence, because it’s possible to pick up the signals we’ve sent out over the past 70 years. So isn’t it too late for us to keep quiet, and shouldn’t we be thinking about upgrading our defenses against the alien hordes?
A: "We think that life developed spontaneously on Earth, so it must be possible for life to develop on suitable planets elsewhere such as the Earth. But we don't know the probability that a planet develops life. If it is very low, we may well be the only intelligent life in the galaxy. Another frightening possibility is, intelligent life is fairly common, but that it destroys itself when it reaches the stage of advanced technology.
"Evidence that intelligent life is rare or short-lived is that we don't seem to have been visited by extraterrestrials.I am discounting claims that UFOs contain aliens. Why would they appear only to cranks and weirdos? Nor do I believe that there is some government conspiracy to conceal the evidence, and keep for themselves the advanced technologies the aliens have. If that were the case, they aren't making much use of it. Further evidence that there isn't any intelligent life within a few hundred light-years comes from the fact that SETI, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, hasn't picked up their television quiz shows.
"It is true that we advertise our presence by our broadcasts. But given that we haven't been visited for 4 billion years, it is unlikely that aliens will come anytime soon."

Q: What would it take to make time travel a reality, and how would that affect our present reality?
A: "We are all traveling forward in time anyway. We can fast-forward by going off in a rocket at high speed, and returning to find everyone on Earth much older or dead. Einstein's general theory of relativity seems to offer the possibility that we could warp space-time so much that we could travel back in time. However, it is likely that the warping would trigger a bolt of radiation that would destroy the spaceship, and maybe the space-time itself.
"I have experimental evidence that [backward] time travel is not possible. I gave a party for time travelers, but I didn't send out the invitation until after the party. I sat there a long time, but no one came."

Q: If M-theory is the only candidate for a complete theory of the universe, what’s the best evidence that you think will be found to support the theory? Lacking that evidence, isn’t M-theory merely another kind of religion?
A: "M-theory is the only theory that seems to have all the properties that we would expect of a complete and consistent theory of everything, but that may just reflect our lack of imagination. If M-theory is correct, it predicts that every particle should have a superpartner. So far we have not observed any superpartners, but the hope is that they will be found at the LHC. If they are discovered, that will be strong evidence for M-theory. On the other hand, if they are shown not to exist, that will be exciting, because then we'll learn something new.

Monday, June 18, 2012

dreary diary stuff

  • made appointment to go and see the publishers on Thursday afternoon. 
  • more people are coming to look at the house tomorrow morning. 
  • bird with the attention span of a gnat (see below fickle female bashing post) MAY still be interested in our house, we have to wait now until tomorrow to find out ... can't wait. 
  • have to clarify something ... i am single. 
  • i hate dating websites and am not interested in looking at any of them ever again (unless Rory McCann sends me an invitation).
  • wesbank want to give me a loan of R27K ... without me asking for it ...  don't know why they would be so stupid.
  • i spent all my Greenbacks yesterday buying a casserole dish and a salt-water powered car. 
  • the Top Gear blokes were in Durban over the week-end but don't know where they are now. 
  • the puppy that we bought for a member of our extended family last weekend (A Dachsund) has been named MAXIMUS ... which is quite fitting really. 
  • little man has just come home, so i have to go and kiss him to death. 
  • cheers

so following on from below post ..

 i need to make myself happy ... so, Rory pic fest alert
Oh and I managed to get 4,500 words down on Sunday of a story that's got a beginning and middle ... working on rest of it tonight. 

side on Sandor
Sandor about to bite
Sandor just before he smashes your skull in
Rory and boats - fave photo of him thus far
Rory and ornery people on set
Still from YouTube footage of Sandor Clegane audition
Sandor going a bit green

all tartan-ed up

fickle fucking women

Please explain to me how someone can come over to look at your house on a public holiday, spend ages going up and down the stairs, stand in the lounge deciding where she is going to put her furniture, say repeatedly how crazy she is about the house, how much she LOVEs the house, how she can’t wait to move in ... blah blah ... drag her husband backwards and forwards, up and down the stairs, child in tow, in and out of the kitchen ... oohing and aahing, then stand there in the dining room and go over where they are going to put all their stuff .... Keep saying thank you for letting them look at the house ... practically curtsy to you as they go out the door 
Agent comes in and gives you a wink ... 'thumbs up' ... will give you a call in the morning, they are DEFINITELY interested in your house!   

Then the bird goes down the road and fifteen seconds later has changed her mind. 
 Even though her husband wants to buy the house and says over and over it’s the best value for money and has everything they want. Even though she's just spent the best part of an hour salivating over the house and basically told everyone in sight that she wants it, with her body language, vocalisations, expressions, everything ...  all i have to say this morning is:   

Are you so fucking FICKLE?  Do you enjoy torturing the living hell out of people?  Do you get your rocks off doing this on a weekly basis?  I give up, seriously, i fucking have had it.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

moping about

we are having a mini-showday at our house this afternoon, despite all the agents taking the digital images of our house off the 'net.   And on Tuesday we have open house for about six couples who are coming to look at the house between 3 and 6pm ... then if nothing happens from these last ditch attempts, we will shut shop definitely for the winter and remarket with a vengeance again in Spring, which is really only a couple of months away hey? God, just now it will be Christmas.

My aunt (who lives in Wales) is going to Morocco for a week's holiday in November ... she threatened that she would do that when i visited her a couple of christmases ago, she's a spunky old goat for sure.  Bad feet, gammy knees, cataracts ... nothing stops her going on all the senior citizen guided tours with all the other old folks.   So what the fuck is MY excuse?

I have terrible wanderlust again ... it hits me so hard some times, completely floors me. i end up moping about for days on end, stomping backwards and forwards like a tiger in a cage.  Cabin fever.  Completely paralysing.  So many things i should be doing, want to do but just can't get started ... spend the time looking at them, doodling, dreaming, thinking, going off into my head and glaring at the weather ... it's very dark, gloomy, overcast and cold today.    I think i was a piece of seaweed in my previous life ...

Maybe i should go and write a story.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

one-track ponies

look, it's a healing thing, i suppose.   Eventually it will fade away and i'll fixate on some other chap but for now, just leave me alone and let me at 'im. 

They are busy filming the third series of GoT in Ireland at the moment, I think ... but stand corrected ... my intel said it would be finished round about December 15th ... so maybe I should plan a little trip over to Glasgow for the Christmas hollerdays? Hm ...
Nah, might be crazy but i'm no stalker.

Friday, June 15, 2012

oi blog alert .. change of subject ... self-publishing update

well today I received another quote from a local publishing company and for 100 full colour books (not just five as was originally quoted by the other lot), it will be just over R6K (these are stitch bound, not perfect bound but it really makes no difference for a children's book) ... i think that's pretty reasonable.    So we are going to get started with that.  I'm quite excited about this little project and little missy is going to be working her arse off for the next couple of days drawing many more fairies and big ones!

I might even consider doing something along the same lines for myself ...

I finished reading A Dance with Dragons last night ... jury's still out.   There are two more books that George has finished but not published yet - (i think) ... so will have to get a hold of them soon.     Wasn't too pleased with the way George ended ADWD ...  but i'm sure he couldn't give a rats crap what I think about that.

please sir can I have some more?

Alright i might as well just declare this blog, officially taken over by a Scotsman called Rory

The best 'Scotts Porridge Oats' ad of the lot ... i think i've watched it a million times already, now it's MY PRECIOUSSSS 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

On Climbing Trees

No, i'm not fixated ... well maybe a bit ... oh and he's 6'6" ...
The interview/audition process for his role as Sandor Clegane in Game of Thrones is fascinating  .... what a brilliant observation / reading just sitting there and terrifying the living bejesus out of anyone else in the room.   The man is a giant talent.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

down for the count

no amount of stirring one liners on twitter from The Rock (@TheRock) has helped me flatten this chest infection that grabbed a hold of my front end last week Wednesday and didn't really let up until last night. Still on the antibios and the probios and god knows what other bios ... now everyone else in our house has come down with similar things in lesser or greater degrees.  Little man is not himself at all today,  our little lady of the house is also full of fever as I type ... par for the course I guess.
Funny, in a not really funny way, a client of ours said that we should sell up and get out of this area as fast as we could because it was toxic and slowly poisoning all its inhabitants -  due to the crap that AECI pumped into the ground a few years back.  I am beginning to think that there might be some vestiges of truth in that ... but am too scared to actually do any kind of asking about, or investigating in case our client was right.  Then what?  We definitely won't sell our house if that's the case!  Anyway on that subject, we've decided to take the house off the market for the time being and put it back on again in the Spring - no use bashing a dead horse.  We all believe it's been on the market for too long and is stale.   Right annoying but what can you do?

I am making plans to self-publish a little story written by my grand-daughter over the last school holidays when she was visiting her other granny - complete with her own illustrations.   She managed to put together a perfectly serviceable, coherent story in 8 pages with beginning, middle and end - so i think she needs a bit of encouragement.   So far the quotes have been a bit mad - although one did mention that the book would be marketed to Amazon, Kalahari.Net, Exclusive Books ... to begin with.  They would also provide me with a digital e-book and five hardcopy perfect bound full colour printed books - all i had to do was send them some examples of my grand-daughter's art work and the typed out story and they'd do all the rest - of course i would have all the proof reading control and rights.  There was a whole load of other shit they threw in as well - including professional help with marketing ... etc. etc. all for the princely sum of R13,900 - much less than I thought it would be but still quite a lot.
Anyway I am waiting for another local crew to come back to me with a more simplified lower budget plan, as the aim is not to get it into the shops and turn my grand-daughter into the next Christopher Paolini, it is just to give her encouragement and have something to brag about to her friends at school. And to show her stupid moron of a teacher that my grand-daughter does NOT have ADD or need medication because she 'wriggles' in class and talks a lot.   Fuck off. 

The dating website thing ... oh what have i got myself into?
I have made contact with a couple of chaps, both very interesting and dynamically opposed - there are actually over ten others that are perfectly good prospects as well ... but i haven't got the time.
One of the chaps (the first one I contacted) is a semi-retired millionaire (by the sound of it), wanting to buy a wine estate in the Western Cape but to have a new wife in tow before he does that and all this BEFORE Winter starts ... well i think his timeframes are a bit up to cock ... makes me nervous that a person is so focused on getting his life sorted out quite so perfectly, in such a small amount of time ... my alarm bells start ringing, something amiss here I think.
I have spoken to him on the phone briefly and it was pleasant ... i cut the conversation short because i was, after all,  lying on my death bed at the time and could barely manage to say one sentence without hacking myself into a fit of phlegm.    He said he'd email me.  He didn't.  He hasn't phoned again. Well to be honest, I did tell him that I would phone HIM when i was better, which i'm not ready to do yet anyway but still i feel a bit peeved and like he was having me on.  He said he owns a lot of horses and one died a couple of weeks ago - i didn't commiserate on that, maybe that's upset him?  He said also that he owns a Hunting Safari company that is based on the Zambezi River but funny thing is if i Google it, nothing comes up... so i don't know what to make of that. maybe nothing.  but i'm suspicious.  First thing i try to check out, doesn't ... so is that strike One or what? He has a daughter in Australia and his son manages part of his hunting safari business in the States. He says he travels regularly between the US, Spain (for the horses) and South Africa ... he was major keen on me, for some reason I can't fathom at all.

Next chap is an artist, based in the Western Cape (in Bloubergstrand) - mixture of German and Scottish ancestry and you can tell in the way he strings together an English sentence, quite charming.  He sounds like a lovely chap, warm, funny, normal, sensuous, loving and a bit lonely but not desperate (also a widower - so is the other chap).  I asked to see some of his art - and he's sent me photos of a few pieces - i was a bit disappointed because i thought he might have his own website, maybe he can't be bothered with all that - he does come across as a bit of a bohemian type of soul and I think i would get on well with him.  He does a bit of scuba diving and has skied ... like i can do that shit ... huh ... well i DID ski once upon a fairy tale back in the dark ages ...
I would like to get to know him but i don't know what i'm doing this for?
I get 5 to 8 messages a day from new chaps on this website that i joined and some of the guys are really very nice ... i just don't know ... it's not me ... this is not me ... is it?  Do i really want this?  What am I looking for?
Am I selfish little shit?    Is it wrong to want a companion, a MAN who can have my back, someone who will give me good advice without lecturing me, someone who will make me laugh and go with me to crazy places or just sit around reading and not having to chat at all (that's when you know you are in a perfect relationship by the way)?
But men come with so much baggage (so do women, dumb shit, look at you) ... and they WANT stuff.   They want you to be nice and ladylike and be a good little woman and shut up, whilst they have their say (even if it means your teeth are gnashing at every word they are saying),  they want you to keep the house tidy, they want you to help them with all the stuff they can't figure out themselves ... they want to take control of your life and tell you how to do this, where to put that, when to touch that, when not to touch that, where to put your money, what clothes to wear, what food to eat, what music to listen to ... what to think ... what not to think ... oh christ, i've managed to put myself off the whole thing in one paragraph!
But is it really like that?
Is it time i just shut the fuck up and went with the flow, just to see what happened?  Lived a bit. Is that wrong? Am I being selfish to want someone in my life?  Someone like this for instance?

the delicious Rory McCann aka Sandor Clegane

Hey look i've never been one for aiming LOW .. and he is all of 6'4 and a bit ... PLUS he's Scottish.  Oh good lord. Even with his scar on, i'd climb him like a tree (as one er ... lady put it recently ... on the internet)   But for the most part, i don't get chaps talking to me like this one ...

Friday, June 1, 2012

Lagoon, Trifid and the rest of the Sagittarius 'shower'

something pretty to be pondering over the weekend.

on another tack,  the Traffic Department got it right this year and actually POSTED my vehicle licence renewal notification to my POSTAL ADDRESS in PLENTY OF TIME (i.e. one month before current car license disk expires) ... that is one bloody amazing piece of marvelment to be pondering on as well this weekend.
I'm practically gob-smacked.