Tuesday, June 26, 2012

depression sets in. hard

everyone has downers, it's a given.  hell i had major set backs when i was working on the launch of Little Vixen's website and all the other logistical problems I had setting up a CC, company bank account, merchant accounts for e-commerce receiving of funds etc. etc. ad infinitum ... at one point, i was 'this close' to cocking the whole thing up the arse and playing dead, calling it quits.   Something stopped me, some 'drive' or need to prove myself, made me rally the troops and get on with it.   I succeeded and that exercise alone has made a huge difference in my life.  It showed me that i actually do have the 'mettle' to see a project through to conclusion, just need to be patient and proceed at a plodding rate.

I KNOW that i can finish my story and book, that's not the issue here, at all. 

The problem i am having now revolves around the immense effort that we are putting into selling our house. It is starting to get the better of me, i have to admit that.  No amount of cheerful optimism and skip-to-my-loo bright attitude is making any fucking difference whatsoever.    Last night, i slipped into depression mode.   I'm losing the drive on this initiative completely.

So the next post will most probably be another pic fest of photos of RMC* that I haven't posted already. 

(*I tried really hard not to mention him again but my sanity is holding on by a thread at the moment)

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