Monday, June 18, 2012

dreary diary stuff

  • made appointment to go and see the publishers on Thursday afternoon. 
  • more people are coming to look at the house tomorrow morning. 
  • bird with the attention span of a gnat (see below fickle female bashing post) MAY still be interested in our house, we have to wait now until tomorrow to find out ... can't wait. 
  • have to clarify something ... i am single. 
  • i hate dating websites and am not interested in looking at any of them ever again (unless Rory McCann sends me an invitation).
  • wesbank want to give me a loan of R27K ... without me asking for it ...  don't know why they would be so stupid.
  • i spent all my Greenbacks yesterday buying a casserole dish and a salt-water powered car. 
  • the Top Gear blokes were in Durban over the week-end but don't know where they are now. 
  • the puppy that we bought for a member of our extended family last weekend (A Dachsund) has been named MAXIMUS ... which is quite fitting really. 
  • little man has just come home, so i have to go and kiss him to death. 
  • cheers

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