Sunday, June 17, 2012

moping about

we are having a mini-showday at our house this afternoon, despite all the agents taking the digital images of our house off the 'net.   And on Tuesday we have open house for about six couples who are coming to look at the house between 3 and 6pm ... then if nothing happens from these last ditch attempts, we will shut shop definitely for the winter and remarket with a vengeance again in Spring, which is really only a couple of months away hey? God, just now it will be Christmas.

My aunt (who lives in Wales) is going to Morocco for a week's holiday in November ... she threatened that she would do that when i visited her a couple of christmases ago, she's a spunky old goat for sure.  Bad feet, gammy knees, cataracts ... nothing stops her going on all the senior citizen guided tours with all the other old folks.   So what the fuck is MY excuse?

I have terrible wanderlust again ... it hits me so hard some times, completely floors me. i end up moping about for days on end, stomping backwards and forwards like a tiger in a cage.  Cabin fever.  Completely paralysing.  So many things i should be doing, want to do but just can't get started ... spend the time looking at them, doodling, dreaming, thinking, going off into my head and glaring at the weather ... it's very dark, gloomy, overcast and cold today.    I think i was a piece of seaweed in my previous life ...

Maybe i should go and write a story.

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