Wednesday, June 27, 2012

oh come on Karma, stop being a biyatch

So the Fickle Fucking Woman that i posted about below ... (to recap, it was about the chick who jumped up and down inside my house like a 12 year old, gushing about how much she loved the place and then went up the road and changed her mind )  ... well she told our intrepid estate agent on Monday that they want to put an offer in on our house, they’ve made their mind up.
So where is it?                               
Agent said today, when I asked her for an update, that she was ‘waiting for the client to set up a time for the meeting, so that they could get together and work out the offer on paper’.  Jesus wept.
In this day and age of sms, email, scanners, fax (who uses fax anyway these days?) ... she could have sent them the agreement in pdf by email, got them to fill in their bits and pieces, scanned and emailed it back to me yesterday evening already.  
So again we have to wait and wait and wait ... possibly to be told at the weekend that they’ve again changed their mind because the agent let the deal go ‘cold’ and was too lazy to get up off her ample arse and physically go round to the client’s house with the paperwork.
My fuse is almost burnt down, I’m ready to kill people.

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