Friday, June 15, 2012

oi blog alert .. change of subject ... self-publishing update

well today I received another quote from a local publishing company and for 100 full colour books (not just five as was originally quoted by the other lot), it will be just over R6K (these are stitch bound, not perfect bound but it really makes no difference for a children's book) ... i think that's pretty reasonable.    So we are going to get started with that.  I'm quite excited about this little project and little missy is going to be working her arse off for the next couple of days drawing many more fairies and big ones!

I might even consider doing something along the same lines for myself ...

I finished reading A Dance with Dragons last night ... jury's still out.   There are two more books that George has finished but not published yet - (i think) ... so will have to get a hold of them soon.     Wasn't too pleased with the way George ended ADWD ...  but i'm sure he couldn't give a rats crap what I think about that.

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