Wednesday, June 20, 2012

retail therapy, cat pee and the life of riley hey?

my daehoidar hoody has left the UK, so that's good news, soon I will be able to prance about like the good Radiohead fan that I am and there will be no doubt about it.  My 'Blog in Book Form' has also left the US and is winging its way to me.  so sometime soon i will have pressies.   

we discovered today that the fickle cucking woman who came to see our house on Sunday had no intention whatsoever of buying it, she had already committed to buying a house in meyersdal, which is about 50kms away from us on the other side of Gauteng.  Since she came round, we've had another three couples dragged through the house kicking and screaming by other agents ... and another person is coming tonight at 5pm (in fifteen minutes or so).     My son's cat is pee-ing in their room on their washing and it's like toxic fallout in there, so we've just spent the best part of an hour trying to get rid of cat-pee smell  - not something that's easy to do when you can't see where the hell the fucking cat has peed.  Methinks this little shitty/pee-y cat is going to get the order of the boot sometime soon.  she's a grumpy, miserable cat anyhow, won't socialise with any of the other cats in our house and spits/growls all day long from her spot behind my desk in the office.  She's sitting on top of a pile of files in my bookcase at the moment glaring at me.

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