Friday, June 22, 2012

he'll be the death o' me

look i'm a bit obsessed, as is readily apparent from the amount of posts there have been this month centred around a particularly tall, very masculine, Scottish dude with dark eyes and erm ... a Scottish accent.   So when I went surfing around on YouTube recently for any more new GoT stuff (as you do), i was a bit downpressed at the Thronecon video footage.  Oh and completely Jealous. 

I won't post the YouTube vid here, cos it is quite a large file but here's the link - any how it is over-dubbed with the most irritating fucking music.   But god, there he is sitting there at one of many round tables in the hotel conference room, like just your average bloke, chatting away with the fans.  do those people actually realise how lucky they are?  why doesn't this kind of thing ever happen to me?  it was in March for heaven's sake, I had money in March, i could have gotten on a plane and hotfooted it over to Birmingham (or wherever the Hilton Hotel is) and been at that thing, with all the other creepy fans and got the chance to look at him, listen to him and maybe stutter a couple of words in his general direction.  then i would have paid the money for the photo-op, stood there with his arm around me for one nano-second, fainted clean away and been able to go home later to die happy.

Anyway i managed to get another 1,400 words down yesterday evening and will be trying to finish the basic story over the weekend - then have to do some major heavy editing and fiddling about.  Then i will look at it, read it again, see how completely crap it is and most probably delete the fucking thing.  I'll try not to, really I will try and actually finish this thing.   But then you have to help me fix up horrible technical errors - cos I have people get stuck on the side of the road in snow in their cars and having to get them winched out ... would you put a winch on a Subaru Forrester, for example?  Or should I rather have our heroine drive a Toyota Landcruiser?

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